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Tag type: General

Subset of name_connection, when at least a kanji letter is shared by at least two persons.

Use this tag when:

A character cosplays as a character sharing the same kanji letter.
A crossover occurs between two or more kanji-connected characters.
A combination of the first two (a costume switch character).

Related tags

* hair_color_connection


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 1girl belt black_hair blue_archive blue_bow blue_dress bow brown_belt commentary_request dress from_behind hair_bow half_updo hat highres holding holding_clothes holding_hat idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls idolmaster_cinderella_girls_u149 kanji_connection long_hair name_connection nekono_matatabi peaked_cap pleated_dress shako_cap short_sleeves simple_background solo speech_bubble standing tachibana_arisu translated white_background
 1girl :o arms_up belt black_belt blue_archive blue_bow blue_footwear blue_hairband blue_hat blue_jacket blue_skirt blush boots bow brown_eyes brown_hair buttons charm_(object) commentary_request cosplay crime_prevention_buzzer dot_nose gloves gradient_background hair_bow hairband hat highres hikari_(blue_archive) hikari_(blue_archive)_(cosplay) idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls idolmaster_cinderella_girls_u149 jacket kanji_connection long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer miniskirt name_connection nekono_matatabi pantyhose parted_lips peaked_cap pleated_skirt shako_cap skirt small_sweatdrop solo standing tachibana_arisu train_conductor whistle white_background white_gloves white_pantyhose
 1girl anti-tank_mine asymmetrical_sidelocks blunt_bangs blush bow bowtie burying commentary dated earrings explosive greyscale highres jewelry jirai_kei kanji_connection kawanuma_k kneeling long_sleeves medium_hair mine_(weapon) monochrome original puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves shovel signature skirt solo tearing_up thighhighs translation_request twintails
 6+girls absurdres alternate_hair_length alternate_hairstyle black_gloves black_hair black_jacket black_skirt black_thighhighs braid breasts brown_eyes brown_hair checkered_background flight_deck fur-trimmed_jacket fur_trim gloves green_eyes green_hair grey_hair grin hair_flaps halo headgear highres hiryuu_(kancolle) jacket kanji_connection kantai_collection large_breasts long_hair mast mechanical_halo midriff multiple_girls muneate polearm pot-de purple_hair red_eyes ryuuhou_(kancolle) ryuuhou_kai_ni_(kancolle) ryuujou_(kancolle) scroll shikigami shinigami short_hair single_braid skirt smile souryuu_(kancolle) sword taigei_(kancolle) tatsuta_(kancolle) tatsuta_kai_ni_(kancolle) tenryuu_(kancolle) tenryuu_kai_ni_(kancolle) thighhighs twintails unryuu_(kancolle) visor_cap weapon yagasuri yellow_eyes
 6+girls a-maru_(aaa_circle0110) alternate_costume animal_ears bare_legs black_bow black_bowtie black_eyes black_hair black_leotard blue_eyes bow bowtie braid breasts brown_eyes brown_hair commentary_request cowboy_shot detached_collar eyepatch grey_background grey_hair hair_flaps hair_over_shoulder happy_new_year highres hiryuu_(kancolle) kanji_connection kantai_collection large_breasts leotard long_hair multiple_girls new_year one_side_up playboy_bunny purple_hair rabbit_ears rabbit_tail red_eyes ryuuhou_(kancolle) ryuujou_(kancolle) short_hair single_braid small_breasts souryuu_(kancolle) strapless strapless_leotard taigei_(kancolle) tail tenryuu_(kancolle) twintails unryuu_(kancolle) wrist_cuffs yellow_eyes
 >_< ... 4koma 6+girls absurdres ahoge antenna_hair black_eyes black_shirt black_skirt closed_mouth comic doujigiri_yasutsuna dress eating flying_sweatdrops food gokotai_yoshimitsu gotou_toushirou_(tenka_hyakken) highres holding holding_sack jacket kanji_connection kijinmaru_kunishige_(tenka_hyakken) long_hair long_sleeves mamemaki mask masu medium_hair multiple_girls notice_lines oni_mask onigiri onikiri_yasutsuna onimaru_kunitsuna_(tenka_hyakken) open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth ponytail sack sailor_collar setsubun shirt short_hair skirt speech_bubble sweater tearing_up tenka_hyakken thighhighs thought_bubble throwing to-siro twintails white_sailor_collar

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