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機動戦士ガンダムSEEDシード FREEDOMフリーダム

Tag refers to this installment of the Gundam_Seed franchise. It is the third mainline entry in the Cosmic Era continuity and reunites most of the cast and crew from previous installments. It is a real robot action anime film released on January 26, 2024. As a direct sequel to Gundam Seed Destiny, this film assumes the viewers have seen the previous TV series installments so there may be spoilers for those entries. The movie's aesthetic adheres closely to the original series' but with 2020s quality CG work for its mecha. The main visual difference is the addition of more prominent lips for its female cast.

The Second Alliance Plant War has ended, but that doesn't mean that the galaxy is at peace. Yamato Kira, now a military commander at the peace keeping organization Compass, is burdened with the seemingly impossible task of trying to keep the peace between the Plant colonies and Earth nations, whose relationship remains tense. On top of that, he has to try to track down the remnants of anti-Coordinator group Blue Cosmos who are now operating as a fanatical terrorist group willing to use any method to restart a war. All of this, combined with Yamato's feeling that he has to shoulder this burden himself, is beginning to put a strain on his relationships with others and, in particular, with his lover and superior Lacus Clyne. With all of the political troubles that Compass has to deal with, it decides to meet with the leaders of an emerging state called the Foundation, which has offered to collaborate with Compass to stop Blue Cosmos. Compass accepts the collaboration with the Foundation, only to be set up for a path that may lead to another bloody intergalactic war. . .

This film notably had one of the longest development cycles/sequel gaps for a Gundam installment. The film was first announced at Sony Music Anime Fes' 06, shortly after the conclusion of Seed Destiny. The film was supposed to be the first theatrical Gundam since Gundam F91 in 1991. However, the film would constantly be delayed and would not be released for 18 years. The creators went over hundreds of script drafts as they tried to figure out what the film's story would be about. Original Gundam Seed writer Morosawa Chiaki's health also began declining while the film was in production and she ultimately didn't live to see the film's release, passing away in 2016. Her contributions were still used for the final product so she's still credited. It would not be until 2021, 15 years after its first announcement, that the script was finalized and animation work could begin in earnest.

In spite of the long gap from its previous entries, the film was a smash hit upon release, earning 1.06 billion yen within 3 days of its debut, the biggest three day opening for a Gundam film to date and surpassed the box office record set by the third Mobile Suit Gundam compilation film, earning 138,059,550 yen by the end of its run. Thanks to this film and Gundam Suisei no Majo, the Gundam franchise reached record sales 145.7 billion yen in the 2024 fiscal year. It received praise from several prominent mecha creators such as franchise creator Tomino Yoshiyuki, which director Fukuda Mitsuo considers a prized memento, and Terada Takanobu of Super_Robot_Wars, which notably changed some of the more controversial elements of Gundam Seed Destiny's story in its adaptation of it.


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