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Shortened form of "Vorarephilia". A particular kind of fetish that gets sexual excitement from content depicting people getting eaten (usually alive). "Soft" vore involves the prey getting swallowed whole, while "hard" vore involves chewing and is much more graphic.

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 1boy 1girl ass creatures_(company) facial_hair fat fat_man game_freak gloves hat kicking leaf_(pokemon) legs lower_body mario_(series) mustache nintendo overalls panties pokemon pokemon_frlg ryona struggling stuck super_smash_bros. thighs underwear upskirt vore wario wario_land white_panties
 1girl armpits ass blonde_hair breasts carnivorous_plant edoara feet green_eyes highres inside_creature long_hair nipples open_mouth original panties partially_visible_vulva pitcher_plant plant restrained scared small_breasts solo tears tentacle_pit tentacles thighhighs torn_clothes underwear vines vore white_panties white_thighhighs
 1girl 2koma barefoot black_dress cat_tail comic dress food fruit grey_hair hair_ornament hairclip holding holding_food lemon long_hair meme monster original silent_comic simple_background skrige standing tail thour_(meme) vore white_background worm
 2others chameleo_arm claws colored_skin flying_sweatdrops green_skin kirby kirby_(series) kirby_super_star multiple_others nintendo no_humans one_eye_closed simple_background spoken_character vore white_background yundeyuu
 !? 2others chameleo_arm colored_skin green_skin kirby kirby_(series) kirby_super_star licking_lips multiple_others nintendo no_humans simple_background spoken_character spoken_interrobang swallowing tongue tongue_out vore white_background yundeyuu
 2others big_belly chameleo_arm closed_eyes colored_skin green_skin hands_on_own_stomach kirby kirby_(series) kirby_super_star licking multiple_others musical_note nintendo no_humans saliva simple_background spoken_character vore white_background yundeyuu

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