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Tag type: General

A variation of smiling ( :) ) with furrowed brows and a closed mouth. Sometimes this is an evil smile, but not always.

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Last updated: 02/06/13 11:14 AM by jedi1357
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 >:) 1girl beach blue_hair breasts collarbone day food holding holding_food i-19_(kantai_collection) jan_(janpx2012) kantai_collection large_breasts long_hair name_tag ocean popsicle red_eyes school_swimsuit smile solo swimsuit tri_tails  >:) 3girls ahoge alternate_hair_color black_hair blue_sky brown_eyes brown_hair cloud cloudy_sky commentary_request crossed_arms double_bun e16a_zuiun food glasses hyuuga_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection long_hair looking_up m6a_seiran makigumo_(kantai_collection) misumi_(niku-kyu) multiple_girls naganami_(kantai_collection) onigiri open_mouth pink_hair pleated_skirt school_uniform seaplane short_hair silver_eyes skirt sky sleeves_past_wrists twintails wavy_mouth  >:) 2boys :d aina123 armor atsushi_toushirou black_gloves black_hair garter_straps gloves green_eyes grey_eyes grey_legwear helmet highres holster japanese_armor kabuto kiwame_(touken_ranbu) kote male_focus multiple_boys necktie open_mouth red_hair shinano_toushirou shorts smile sode tantou thigh_holster thighhighs touken_ranbu weapon  >:) 1girl ascot bow coat dress fencer_(tree_of_savior) hair_bow highres long_hair monochrome noihara_himari omamori_himari ponytail rapier sketch solo sword tree_of_savior very_long_hair weapon yokura_(yukilina)  >:) 1girl absurdres bare_shoulders boots bow breasts cleavage copyright_name crescent crescent_hair_ornament demonizer_zilch detached_sleeves dress hair_ornament highres kanoa_zilch large_breasts magic_circle manga_cover matra_milan official_art pink_eyes pink_hair pointy_ears skirt solo thighhighs twintails  >:) 6+girls ahoge akatsuki_(kantai_collection) black_hair black_sailor_collar black_serafuku black_skirt blazer blonde_hair brown_eyes brown_hair commentary_request creator_connection crescent crescent_hair_ornament fang folded_ponytail fumizuki_(kantai_collection) goggles goggles_on_head green_eyes green_hair grey_eyes hair_ornament harukaze_unipo hatsushimo_(kantai_collection) headphones helmet hibiki_(kantai_collection) highres ikazuchi_(kantai_collection) inazuma_(kantai_collection) jacket kantai_collection kikuzuki_(kantai_collection) long_hair long_sleeves low_twintails machinery mikazuki_(kantai_collection) mochizuki_(kantai_collection) multiple_girls nagatsuki_(kantai_collection) neckerchief necktie pleated_skirt police ponytail purple_eyes purple_hair red_eyes red_neckerchief red_necktie rigging riot_shield rudder_shoes sailor_collar satsuki_(kantai_collection) school_uniform serafuku short_hair silver_hair simple_background skirt smile turret twintails wakaba_(kantai_collection) white_background white_hair white_necktie yellow_eyes

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