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Tag type: General

A smiley which signifies that character has his/her eyes really shut, especially as a result of being filled with glee.

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 !!? &gt;_&lt; /\/\/\ 1boy 2girls bird birdcage blank_eyes cage close-up closed_mouth comic crying cup dress drooling eating eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes eyes_closed face from_above glasses gloves greyscale grin hair_between_eyes half-closed_eye hat highres holding holding_cup imagining jacket long_hair mob_cap monochrome multiple_girls niiko_(gonnzou) no_hat no_headwear open_mouth pants parody saigyouji_yuyuko scarf seiza silhouette sitting smile staring style_parody style_request surprised sweat tabard table teacup tearing_up tears teeth torn_clothes torn_sleeve touhou translation_request triangular_headpiece wide-eyed yakumo_yukari zun  &gt;_&lt; 1girl anchor_hair_ornament black_legwear black_ribbon black_skirt blonde_hair chibi full_body hair_ornament hat kantai_collection kouu_hiyoyo low_twintails microskirt military military_hat military_uniform peaked_cap pink_background prinz_eugen_(kantai_collection) ribbon simple_background skirt solo standing standing_on_one_leg thighhighs twintails uniform &gt;_&lt; 1boy arm_up blonde_hair chinese eyes_closed link long_sleeves lowres meme monitor open_mouth pointy_ears ponytail shangguan_feiying solo sparkle the_legend_of_zelda the_legend_of_zelda:_breath_of_the_wild upper_body &gt;_&lt; 1boy 2girls 4koma bangs blue_hair blunt_bangs brown_eyes brown_hair chair clenched_hand comic commentary_request crying dress epaulettes eyes_closed hair_between_eyes hands_on_own_head hat headgear hidden_eyes highres japanese_clothes kantai_collection kariginu little_boy_admiral_(kantai_collection) long_sleeves magatama mechanical_pencil military military_hat military_uniform multiple_girls murakumo_(kantai_collection) necktie open_mouth peaked_cap pencil pleated_skirt rappa_(rappaya) red_eyes ryuujou_(kantai_collection) sailor_dress shaded_face sidelocks sitting skirt smile streaming_tears tears translation_request twintails uniform visor_cap  &gt;_&lt; 6+girls baseball_cap beanie bidoof bike_shorts blonde_hair blue_(pokemon) blue_eyes brown_hair bunnelby covering_eyes day denim denim_shorts ege_(597100016) foreshortening hair_ribbon haruka_(pokemon) haruka_(pokemon)_(remake) hat hikari_(pokemon) holding_bag kotone_(pokemon) long_hair mei_(pokemon) mizuki_(pokemon_sm) multiple_girls outdoors palm_tree patrat pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_bw pokemon_bw2 pokemon_dppt pokemon_frlg pokemon_hgss pokemon_oras pokemon_sm pokemon_xy rattata red_hat ribbon saliva_swap sentret serena_(pokemon) short_hair shorts sunglasses taking_picture thighhighs touko_(pokemon) tree yungoos zigzagoon &gt;_&lt; 1girl :d blonde_hair female finger_to_mouth glasses gloves green_eyes made_in_abyss official_art open_mouth riko_(made_in_abyss) solo tsukushi_akihito twintails

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