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The exclamation point is used to depict comical shock or surprise.

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! 1girl ass bangs bent_over blonde_hair blouse bow bow_bra bow_panties bra breasts brown_eyes cameltoe cleavage commentary crotch_seam embarrassed erwin_(girls_und_panzer) eyebrows_visible_through_hair from_behind girls_und_panzer gluteal_fold green_bra green_panties green_skirt highres labia lace lace-trimmed_bra lace-trimmed_panties long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_breasts multiple_views naguchanchin navel no_pants ooarai_school_uniform open_clothes open_mouth open_skirt panties pink_background pleated_skirt pointy_hair school_uniform serafuku shirt_lift short_hair skindentation skirt skirt_pull solo spoken_exclamation_mark standing surprised sweatdrop thigh_gap trefoil underwear undressing wavy_mouth white_blouse! 1girl animal_ears anus ass azur_lane bdsm blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bondage breasts cat_ears clitoris collar female hair_between_eyes headgear linnkou loli long_hair lying navel nipples nude on_back pillow pussy small_breasts solo spreader_bar uncensored warspite_(azur_lane) ! 2girls artist_name artoria_pendragon_(all) artoria_pendragon_(lancer_alter) blonde_hair blue_shirt blush braid casual collarbone controller couch eyes_closed fate/grand_order fate_(series) florence_nightingale_(fate/grand_order) french_braid head_kiss heart holding horns kiss long_hair long_sleeves multiple_girls pink_hair red_eyes red_shirt remote_control shirt sitting udon-udon yuri  ! !? 2girls azur_lane blush braid character_request eromame eyes_closed french_braid from_side heart kiss midriff monochrome multiple_girls navel ponytail simple_background spoken_exclamation_mark spoken_heart spoken_interrobang sweat translation_request twitter_username  ! 1boy 3koma armor blonde_hair blush breastplate comic embarrassed fate/prototype fate_(series) gauntlets green_eyes highres hood hood_over_eyes ikuhiro_(19nnnkti16) male_focus pauldrons saber_(fate/prototype) solo sweatdrop ! !! ... 1boy 1girl bangs blonde_hair blue_eyes blush braid censored clothed_sex dragon_quest_xi dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair faceless faceless_male grass hat heart hero_(dq11) hetero leg_lift loli long_hair long_sleeves lying mosaic_censoring on_side open_mouth penis plant pussy pussy_juice qm red_hat sex speech_bubble testicles text tied_hair translation_request twin_braids vaginal veronica_(dq11) white_dress

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