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スリングショット (suringushotto)

AKA slingshot swimsuit.

A one-piece swimsuit.

Resembles a bikini_bottom, except that the side straps go upwards to (barely) cover the nipples (sometimes the areolae too) and continue over the shoulders and across the back. This leaves the sides of the torso uncovered. It can be best described as a thong that goes over the shoulders, providing minimal coverage to the wearer.

A common gag is that the straps fail to completely cover the nipples (nipple slip).

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erozer fishnets high_heels hime_(splatoon) inkling licking_lips loli looking_at_viewer plump sling_bikini splatoon thick_thighs yellow_eyes2girls arched_back arm_up armpits ass ass-to-ass blonde_hair breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cammy_white cutesexyrobutts female green_eyes high_ponytail highres ibuki_(street_fighter) lips looking_at_viewer multiple_girls one-piece_tan parted_lips short_hair sideboob signature skindentation sling_bikini slingshot_swimsuit street_fighter swimsuit tan tanline thick_thighs thighsbreasts dark_skin donson ganguro huge_breasts sagging_breasts sling_bikini translation_request w_kuro_gal_no_dekachin_share_seikatsu1girl armpits arms_up bikini blue_bikini blue_eyes blush bow braid breasts green_bow hair_bow heart heart-shaped_pupils high_heels highres izayoi_sakuya large_breasts maid_headdress micro_bikini parted_lips silver_hair sinkai sling_bikini solo spread_legs squatting swimsuit symbol-shaped_pupils touhou twin_braids1girl ass aurora_e_juutilainen blush breasts cameltoe cleavage condom_in_mouth gluteal_fold hachimitsu-b large_breasts navel purple_eyes sideboob sling_bikini smile solo strike_witches sweat white_hair world_witches_series3girls aoi_nagisa_(metalder) aqua_eyes areolae armor axe black_panties blonde_hair boots breasts cape capelet curvy dark_elf dark_skin delva_celebrian elbow_gloves elda_ballad elf erect_nipples female fur_trim gloves gluteal_fold gradient_hair hair_between_eyes highres holding holding_staff huge_breasts large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer misery_stentrem multicolored_hair multiple_girls navel nipples official_art parted_lips pointy_ears puffy_nipples purple_hair red_eyes revealing_clothes serious shiny shiny_skin short_hair sling_bikini smile staff strap_gap sword tan thighhighs thong underwear very_long_hair weapon yellow_eyes youkoso!_sukebe_elf_no_mori_he

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