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デビル メイ クライ

3D Action game franchise developed by Capcom and originally created by Kamiya_Hideki who only directed the original game in 2001, which was released for the Playstation 2. It was originally intended to be a Resident Evil sequel, and one of the many Resident Evil 4 prototypes, where Kamiya worked with Resident Evil 2 writer Sugimura Noboru, to create a cool and stylish Resident Evil action game centered around a mysterious superhuman hero named Tony. Resident Evil creator and eventual Devil May Cry producer Mikami Shinji felt the game was turning out to be too different from Resident Evil so it was decided to make it an original game. The game's setting was changed to a fantastical one and the powerful and cool hero Tony was changed into the half human half demon hunter Dante. Even though the series is of a completely different genre, the original game still has horror elements that are reminiscent of Resident Evil like its use of a semi-fixed camera and the distinct death animations which were only used in the first game. Kamiya, however, eschewed Resident Evil's fixed camera and pre-rendered backgrounds because he felt it didn't make the protagonist look heroic enough during battle. The combat system was also inspired by a glitch that appeared during the production of Onimusha where the player character could juggle enemies in mid-air with his sword. The glitch was removed but Kamiya liked it and decided to incorporate this combo mechanic into Devil May Cry which was built around acrobatic and combo heavy gun and sword action. The soundtrack, which alternates between ambient music for non-combat moments and rock/electronic for combat, was composed by Ueda Masami, Kouda Masato, and Senbongi Misao.

The original game is often cited as the game responsible for popularizing a subgenre of single player action games that pit powerful heroes/heroines against mobs of enemies at once and encourage the player to not just merely put down their opponents but to do so by performing the most spectacular combos s/he can devise. Said games often featuring a ranking system that evaluates the player's combat performance which encompasses damage the player took, combo length, etc. . Such games include the God of War series and the XBOX Ninja Gaiden games.

The games also includes new game plus modes. During the first playthrough, the players are more limited in the weapons they can use and are required to gradually unlock weapons and skills, but upon completing the game once, they can use all of the weapons they have unlocked during the game at any time allowing for greater variety in combat tactics and combos, a feature that many subsequent spectacle fighter games have emulated.

The games cover the various adventures of half human/half demon demon hunter Dante who is the son of the legendary demon Sparda who is famous for rebelling against his fellow demons in order to protect mankind. He owns a shop called Devil May Cry and takes jobs to eliminate demons, acquiring a large inventory of weapons over the course of his adventures. Each game tends to have a major female character who forms a strong relationship with Dante.

With the exception of Devil May Cry 2 and Dmc: Devil May Cry, the games are generally regarded as being very difficult. Kamiya intentionally made the first game difficult to challenge players who were used to more casual games. The games tend to start the player off with a normal mode with the other difficulty levels having to be unlocked by completing the games. The X character must die modes are the most difficult. The original game has an Easy mode which is actually unlocked after the player dies three times in a row. The game is much easier if the player chooses this mode, but the game also punishes the player for choosing it by not allowing players to switch difficulty modes after beating the game, which also makes it impossible to unlock everything.

The original game was a large success, receiving generally positive reviews and selling 2.48 million copies by February 10, 2009. Its protagonist Dante has become popular enough to appear in many subsequent Capcom related games and crossovers. Subsequently, it has received light novel, manga, and anime adaptations.

The voice acting in all games is in English, even in the original Japanese releases. The characters were dubbed in Japanese for the first time in the Devil May Cry anime.

While the games have no competitive multiplayer, fans of the series have organized informal tournaments like the Truestyle Tournament where they post videos showcasing their most impressive combos and techniques using the various combat styles in the games.

Cast of 1st game (the cast for the sequels are in the sequels' entries):

Main games:
Devil May Cry 1

Alternate continuity

Capcom_Fighting_Evolution Dante has a cameo but is not playable.
Playstation_All_Stars_Battle_Royale DmC version of Dante is a playable character.

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