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A large-breasted red-clad female ninja who originally appeared in Fatal_Fury 2 and was brought over to the King_of_Fighters franchise. She is commonly depicted with a ponytail, but in King of Fighters Maximum_Impact, one of her alternate outfits gave her short hair. She has appeared as a playable character in every King of Fighters game except KOF XII though she was originally going to be in said game.

She is a cheerful woman who is proud of her Shiranui ninja heritage, being the granddaughter of ninja master Shiranui Hanzo. She considers herself to be a yamato nadeshiko. She is in love with Andy Bogard, but he is often put off by her aggressive advances.

In the King of Fighters series, she is the leader of the women's team and is closely associated with King and Sakazaki Yuri.

Mai was a combination of two character ideas for Fatal Fury 2. SNK planned to include a male ninja, who had the same fighting style as Mai ultimately had, and a beautiful female idol in the roster. SNK combined both ideas into one character and in the original Japanese manual of the game promoted her as "The Gorgeous Ninja."

Besides King of Fighters, she has appeared in many other crossovers involving SNK and is SNK's most iconic female character. In crossover art with Capcom, she often appears alongside Capcom's iconic female fighter Chun-li. Her popularity is such that her absence from the roster in King of Fighters XII was met with a great deal of fan backlash and she was put back into the roster in King of Fighters XIII.

She is famous for her physique and sex appeal, which was inspired by real life gravure idols, and is SNK's biggest female sex symbol. Her bust was modeled after Hosokawa Fumie and her butt was modeled after Ijima Ai. Some iterations of her iconic outfit are made even more revealing to further emphasize her assets. Her revealing outfit is occasionally poked fun at in the games she appears in and inspires incredulity in other characters. She is also a playable character in Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos, Dead or alive 5 Last Round, and Dead or Alive 6.

Since her debut, many figurines of her have been released. She is also a popular choice for cosplay.

Her primary voice actress was Sogi Akoya who played her in every video game until Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting. Koshimizu Ami replaced her as Mai's main voice actress in video games from Neo Geo Heroes onwards.

In combat, she uses fans and has fire based powers.

Samurai_Spirits cameo

She is voiced by Sogi_Akoya (every game until Neo Geo Heroes), Mitsuishi_Kotono (Fatal Fury anime), and Koshimizu_Ami (Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting onwards). She is voiced by Hayashibara_Megumi in the drama CDs. In live action: She is played by Miyauchi Tomomi (Fatal Fury 2 commercial) Hareyama Miki (Fatal Fury Special commercial), and Maggie Q (the live action King of Fighters film)

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