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Tag refers to images referencing the fourth Devil_May_Cry game. It was released on January 31, 2008 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and has been ported to PC. In this game, Nero is the protagonist though Dante is still playable. It was directed by Itsuno Hideaki and written by Morihashi Bingo who also wrote the companion novel Devil May Cry 4 Deadly Fortune. The soundtrack was composed by Shibata Tetsuya, Hasegawa Kento, and Narita Akihito. The characters were designed by Yoshikawa_Tatsuya The vocal songs are performed by Shawn McPherson, Jason Arnold, and Aubrey Ashburn.

It centers on new protagonist Nero, a member of the Order of the Sword. Although he is a member of the organization and is in a romantic relationship with another member, Kyrie, Nero is completely out of place as he does not wear the robes the other members do and does not care for their ideology. The true reason he is there is because of his special and formidable combat abilities, which are indispensable for the order. During a prayer session, Dante suddenly interrupts and shoots the Order leader Sanctus in the head and attacks some of the knights assigned to protect Sanctus. Nero battles Dante and learns that he is half demon when Dante shrugs off being impaled. He also learns that the supposedly dead knights of the order are demons when they suddenly get back up and acquire a demonic appearance. Dante escapes in the ensuing chaos and Nero is assigned to capture Dante. As Nero pursues Dante, he uncovers dark secrets behind the organization he works for.

The game is the only game where an easy difficulty is selectable from the start although normal is still the default setting. It also includes a special Hell and Hell mode where the player will die in one hit but the enemies don't. The PC port includes a Legendary Dark Knight mode, which vastly increases the amount of enemies, turning each fight into a large scale battle. An updated version of the game called Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition was released on Summer 2015. This release features Vergil as a playable character as well as a Japanese voice track option, making this game the first Devil May Cry game to have a Japanese voice track. It also makes Trish and Lady playable. For Lady, this is the first time she is a playable character in the main series.

The game received generally positive reviews upon release and sold 3 million units by December 31, 2014. Kamiya Hideki, the original creator of the Devil May Cry franchise but had no involvement with any of the sequels, notably used this game as research in preparation for Bayonetta. However, Capcom was not satisfied with these results and this would lead the company to make the decision to call for a reboot to the series handled by a Western developer, DMC: Devil May Cry. DMC4 was also the last game in the original continuity for 11 years until the sequel Devil May Cry 5 was released.


Playable Characters:
Trish_(Devil_may_cry) *
Lady_(Devil_may_cry) *
Vergil *



* Special Edition Only



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