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The visual representation of a gloomy emotion, drawn slightly above and away from the character's head. Often accompanied by a blue tinge to the face, usually replacing the eyes and adjoining areas or by the character turning to stone.

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>_< 1boy 1girl animated bear bearhug bewear black_footwear boots carrying cloud creatures_(company) earrings elbow_gloves game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon gen_7_pokemon gloves james_(pokemon) jessie_(pokemon) jewelry lipstick makeup meowth nintendo outdoors pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(creature) pokemon_sm pokemon_sm_(anime) red_lips short_hair sky squeezing standing tagme thigh_boots thighhighs unconscious uniform video wavy_mouth wobbuffet |_|_| |||
 10s 1boy 2girls anger_vein angry bare_shoulders blush breasts cleavage clenched_teeth comparison eye_contact faceless faceless_male grin huge_breasts japanese_clothes japanese_text kantai_collection kongou_(kancolle) large_breasts long_hair looking_at_another multiple_girls necktie sakushaaya_(3948aya) smile suzuya_(kancolle) teeth text_focus translation_request uniform |_|_|
 ... 10s 1boy 1futa admiral_(kancolle) bad_anatomy blush bottomless breasts censored embarrassed erection faceless faceless_male full-package_futanari futa_with_male futanari hands_on_shoulders highres huge_penis kantai_collection large_testicles long_hair medium_breasts medium_penis military military_uniform monochrome open_mouth penis penis_comparison penis_size_difference penises_touching sakushaaya_(3948aya) short_hair simple_background small_penis_humiliation smile speech_bubble spoken_ellipsis standing suzuya_(kancolle) sweat testicles translated uniform white_background |_|_|
 10s 1girl 774_(nanashi) ahoge akebono_(kancolle) black_hair blush bodysuit breastless_clothes breasts clenched_teeth exhibitionism female_masturbation fishnet_bodysuit fishnets functionally_nude hard-translated hard-translated_(non-english) hiding huge_breasts inverted_nipples kantai_collection korean_text large_breasts long_hair masturbation motion_lines neck_ribbon nippleless_clothes nipples nude outdoors public_indecency public_masturbation puffy_areolae pussy_juice pussy_juice_trail ribbon shiny_skin solo sweat teeth third-party_edit ushio_(kancolle) very_long_hair |_|_|
 10s 1boy 2015 2girls alternate_ass_size alternate_breast_size armpits artist_name bdsm blush boots border bow breasts camera closed_eyes collar crayon_shin-chan cuffs dated elbow_gloves faceless faceless_male femdom gloves gradient_background hair_bow half-closed_eyes hanging_breasts high_ponytail husband_and_wife ishizaka_midori kindergarten_teacher large_breasts leaning_forward legs_together long_hair looking_at_another mature_female monochrome multiple_girls ninozapo nipples nohara_hiroshi nohara_misae nude open_mouth outside_border photographic_proof ponytail puffy_areolae shackles simple_background small_nipples smile sweat thigh_boots thighhighs whip white_border yoshinaga_midori yuri |_|_|
 4girls black_hair blonde_hair breast_envy breasts closed_eyes flat_chest green_eyes highres hime_cut lamp large_breasts long_hair monoe monoko multiple_girls nude onsen open_mouth pink_hair poniko ponytail rapama short_hair short_twintails sweatdrop toriningen twintails yume_nikki |_| |_|_|

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