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A moé slice of life comedy yonkoma (4koma) created by Yoshimizu_Kagami and adapted into an anime by Kyoto_Animation. Prior to the anime, it was adapted into drama CDs which featured an entirely different voice cast. However, the anime voice actors have become more closely associated with the characters for many viewers. The manga debuted on January 2004 and is still ongoing. It focuses on the daily lives of high school girls Izumi_Konata, Hiiragi_Kagami, Hiiragi_Tsukasa and Takara_Miyuki as they discuss and poke fun at things they find funny about their lives.

The anime adaptation also includes Lucky Channel segments at the end of each episode except the last one. Lucky Channel involves a sort of in-universe talk show starring Kogami_Akira and Shiraishi_Minoru. What starts as a normal talk show with a cute teen girl and a regular teen boy as hosts quickly goes off the rails as Akira reveals her bitter and temperamental true demeanor and Minoru ends up suffering her wrath.

Like many yonkoma (4koma) adaptations, the anime expands on the manga. Notably, the anime features more pop cultural references to anime/manga/video games/visual novels than the source. Unusually for an anime, the series lacks an official ending theme. The endings for the first half of the series consist of the girls singing karaoke and goofing off. The second half of the series features live action footage of voice actor Shiraishi_Minoru_(seiyuu) singing and acting goofy. The anime was also inspired by the runaway success of Suzumiya_Haruhi_no_Yuuutsu and Kyoto Animation included many references to their previous hit. All of the seiyuus who played the SOS Brigade return in this series and the series includes numerous seiyuu_connection and creator_connection jokes.

Lucky Star's massive popularity has impacted the prefecture of Saitama where the series takes place. Konata's home in Satte, the cast's school in Kasukabe, and the Washinomiya Shrine in Washimiya where the Hiiragi sisters work, received a large influx of visitors after the anime adaptation premiered. The Shrine also hosted a special Lucky Star event featuring Yoshimizu_Kagami, Shiraishi_Minoru_(seiyuu), Konno_Hiromi, Katou_Emiri and Fukuhara_Kaori. Lucky Star has also been credited with boosting Saitama's economy. By July 30, 2008, sales of Lucky Star-related products brought ¥42,000,000 to the town of Washimiya. The Hiiragi sisters have also been designated as official residents of Washimiya despite being fictional characters.

The voice actresses of the anime have also improvised some of their dialogue, with the memetic scene where Tsukasa finds the words "balsamic vinegar" amusing being one example.

The anime adaptation ran from April 8, 2007 to September 16, 2007. It notably switched directors five episodes in. Yamamoto_Yutaka, who had previously worked on Suzumiya Haruhi and is responsible for the iconic Hare Hare Yukai dance as well as the Lucky Star OP's dance, was fired after four episodes for unclear reasons and was replaced with Takemoto_Yasuhiro. This became something of a sore spot for Yamamoto who made multiple allusions to his sudden firing in his subsequent work. However, Yamamoto was able to revisit the series in 2013 when he and the studio he helped found, Ordet, adapted the Lucky Star spinoff, Miyakawa-ke_no_Kuufuku.

The anime is notable for being advertised with an extremely simplistic trailer. Instead of taking completed footage from the series and editing it to give potential viewers a taste of what the series will be like, the trailer for Lucky Star consists of a close-up still shot of Izumi Konata making her famous cat smile (:3) and making an odd humming sound for half a minute. This unusual trailer was replicated for the spinoff Miyakawa-ke with Miyakawa_Hikage replacing Konata and complaining about her lack of money.

The series has received a few spinoffs: Boo_Boo_Kagamin, and Miyakawa-ke_no_Kuufuku. The latter has been adapted into an anime in 2013.

The series has no relation to the 1980s Hong Kong action comedy series Lucky Stars or any other work with the title "Lucky Star."


* denotes characters who only (at least so far) appear in the manga.

Main Characters:

Yasaka_Kou *
Nagamori_Yamato *
Wakase_Izumi *
Yamanobe_Tamaki *
Busujima_Miku *
Sakuraba_Hikaru cameo in anime
Amahara_Fuyuki *

Lucky Channel

Anime Only/Crossover character

Suzumiya_Haruhi_no_Yuuutsu Lucky Star's Anime adaptation has a lot of references to this series.



Also see this for a list of the many references the anime makes:

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