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Last updated: 07/06/11 5:33 PM by salarta
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 1girl arakune arc_system_works bare_shoulders black_bra black_hair blazblue blazblue:_calamity_trigger bra breasts china_dress chinese_clothes dress female glasses lao_jiu litchi_faye_ling long_hair open_mouth panda pink_ribbon ponytail red_eyes ribbon sitting sky_(pixiv536104) solo underwear very_long_hair wink  1boy 1girl arc_system_works blazblue brown_eyes brown_hair cape celica_a_mercury green_eyes grey_hair long_hair miniskirt open_mouth ponytail ragna_the_bloodedge red_ribbon ribbon short_hair skirt sky_(pixiv536104) sword trench_coat weapon wink  1boy 1girl arc_system_works blazblue blonde_hair blue_eyes bridal_gauntlets couple grabbing green_hair hazama long_hair mu-12 short_hair sky_(pixiv536104) thighhighs tiara yellow_eyes yui_(yuinyan1211)  1boy 1girl arc_system_works blazblue blazblue:_calamity_trigger blazblue:_continuum_shift blonde_hair blue_eyes green_eyes jin_kisaragi kisaragi_jin military military_uniform red_hair sky_(pixiv536104) sword tsubaki_yayoi uniform weapon