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Tag type: General

Do not use this tag, it is redundant. For any images containing 6 or more male characters, use the 6+boys tag.

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Last updated: 4 years ago by Daijin
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 10boys 5girls absurdres adjusting_glasses arnold_tsang bastion_(overwatch) bird bird_on_hand black_hair black_legwear blonde_hair boots bow_(weapon) cape center_opening cigar copyright_name cowboy_hat dark_skin everyone eyepatch gas_mask genji_(overwatch) glasses gorilla gun hammer hanzo_(overwatch) hat highres holster hood huge_filesize incredibly_absurdres long_hair mask mccree_(overwatch) mercy_(overwatch) multiple_boys multiple_girls nail_polish official_art overwatch pharah_(overwatch) power_armor purple_hair purple_skin quiver reaper_(overwatch) reinhardt_(overwatch) roadhog_(overwatch) robot standing sword symmetra_(overwatch) tattoo thigh_boots thighhighs torbjorn_(overwatch) tracer_(overwatch) very_long_hair watermark weapon widowmaker_(overwatch) wings winston_(overwatch) zenyatta_(overwatch)  10boys 4girls 6+boys akimichi_chouji bandage black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair brown_eyes eyebrows eyes_closed flak_jacket forehead forehead_protector gaara grass green_eyes hair_ties haruno_sakura hyuuga_hinata hyuuga_neji inuzuka_kiba kanji kankuro konohagakure_symbol multiple_boys multiple_girls nara_shikamaru naruto pink_hair ponytail red_hair rock_lee short_hair spiked_hair sunagakure_symbol tears teeth temari uchiha_sasuke uzumaki_naruto whisker_markings yamanaka_ino