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Tag type: General

The wide hips tag is generally applied to images of females who wouldn't be considered fat, but have a markedly pear-shaped figure, or have pronounced hips and thighs. Note that an image's eligibility for the wide hips tag is independent of breasts size. An acceptable rule of thumb would be as follows:

[Width of hips (widest)] > [Width of chest] >= [Width of waist (narrowest)]

For some poses and/or perspectives, however, this may be difficult to determine.

Good examples of wide hips:

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post #247014
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post #83877

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 1girl bare_shoulders blue_eyes blush breasts bursting_breasts cleavage curvy female_focus huge_breasts kameseru medium_hair narrow_waist navel nico_robin one_piece skindentation solo undersized_clothes wide_hips
 1boy 1girl animated anus anus_peek ass ass_shake black_vest blue_eyes blue_sky brown_hair creatures_(company) denim denim_shorts divinewine game_freak hetero hilda_(pokemon) huge_ass nintendo pokemon pokemon_bw ponytail precum pussy reverse_cowgirl_position sex sex_from_behind shiny_skin shirt shorts simple_background sitting sitting_on_person sky solo straddling tagme torn_clothes torn_shorts vaginal vest video white_shirt wide_hips
 1girl absurdres alia_(mega_man) android armor blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bodysuit breast_press breasts capcom glass gloves highres kotatuman_dash large_breasts looking_at_viewer mega_man_(series) mega_man_x_(series) open_mouth pink_armor robot robot_ears solo standing thick_thighs thighs trapped white_gloves wide_hips
 1girl :> breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cleavage curvy eyelashes fatal_fury folded_fan folding_fan hand_fan hand_on_own_hip highres holding holding_fan large_breasts legs_together long_hair moxydraws pelvic_curtain revealing_clothes shiny_skin shiranui_mai smile solo teeth thighs wide_hips
1boy 1girl 3d akuma_(street_fighter) alternate_costume animated antenna_hair ass ass_focus bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_eyes braid breasts cammy_white covered_navel fighting game gloves green_leotard hat highleg highleg_leotard highres huge_ass impossible_clothes impossible_leotard leotard lips long_hair low_angle manly medium_breasts official_alternate_costume ryona screencap shiny_clothes standing street_fighter street_fighter_6 tagme thighs third-party_edit thong thong_leotard twin_braids very_long_hair video video_game wide_hips
 1girl artist_request bare_shoulders breasts chibi cleavage clenched_hands happy kinnikuman kinnikuman_lady kinnikuman_lady_(character) large_breasts looking_at_viewer medium_hair multiple_views navel official_style open_mouth pants short_shorts shorts smile solo white_background wide_hips wrestling

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