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Tag type: Artist

Guro artist who also delves into exhibitionism and humiliation themes. Also hangs out on several Japanese Guro PaintBBSes.

Updates very slowly (once every 1-3 months) fueling rumors that he is a pen-name for a well known manga-ka.

Somewhat infamous for creating 1 shots that look like they should be part of a series, then never creating part 2, causing no end of complaining from newbies on the various *chan sites.

His homepage was recently deleted by his host without warning, leaving him without a website, he informed his US fans by posting on gurochan. While he started off being famous for more extreme hentai, he has also done more vanilla works as well.

He made his breakthrough as a published mangaka with the non-hentai romantic comedy Ijiranaide_Nagatoro-san, which originated as a popular webcomic series posted on his Pixiv with the first image being posted on August 16, 2011. On Pixiv, it was known as Nagotoro and Senpai, and when it was turned into a published manga in November 1, 2017, it changed its name to its current one.

Status Active
Other Names 774, nanashi
Active true

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