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Red haired ponytailed college age sister to Chris Redfield.

Unlike most Resident Evil characters, she has no professional training and isn't a law enforcer though Chris has apparently taught her some techniques. However, she is equally capable when it comes to surviving zombie apocalypses and has no problem handling firearms.

She is a noble girl with a strong desire to help others. She is especially good with children and she often acts like an older sister figure to them. She also has a sarcastic sense of humor. She becomes close friends with Leon after surviving the events of Resident Evil 2 and also develops a close relationship with Steve Burnside in Code Veronica.

She tends to wear jackets and her outfits in Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica are references to Queen. Her Resident Evil 2 jacket says Made in Heaven and her Code Veronica jacket says Let Me Live. She seems to have an interest in motorbikes and she is often depicted in artwork within the vicinity of a bike or wearing a biker jacket. After both games, she decides to combat the corrupt organizations behind the zombie outbreaks through less violent means, joining up with the human rights group Terra Save and working as a protestor as well as traveling around the world to help others. Despite taking a more 'peaceful' approach, she still finds herself forced into situations where she must rely on the combat skills she made use of in her first two games. Claire's physical appearance was modeled after actresses Neve Campbell in Resident Evil 2 and Liv Tyler in Code Veronica.

In the prototype for Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 1.5, she was called Elza Walker and was blonde haired, but was otherwise the same as Claire. She was changed to become Chris's sister who's searching for him in order to establish a stronger connection with the first game.

Until Resident Evil Revelations 2, she was unique amongst Resident Evil characters for having been played by the same voice actress since her debut, Alyson Court. Nevertheless, Court, out of all the voice actors in the series, is still the voice actor who has stuck with her character the longest. In Revelations, she was played by James Baker. In the RE2 remake, she is played by Stephanie Panisello. In Japanese, she is voiced by Kaida_Yuuko who plays her in the JPN dub of Resident Evil Degeneration and Revelations 2.

Adrienne Frantz played her in a live action commercial for Resident Evil 2. She is played by Ali Larter in Resident Evil Extinction and Afterlife.

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