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Last updated: 7 years ago by salarta
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 1814im 1girl blush breasts bridal_gauntlets cape faris_scherwiz female final_fantasy final_fantasy_v gradient gradient_background green_eyes headdress highres long_hair midriff necromancer purple_hair sitting solo white_background  1814im 1boy 3girls blonde_hair blue_eyes brown_hair butz_klauser earrings faris_scherwiz final_fantasy final_fantasy_v green_eyes headband jewelry krile_mayer_baldesion lenna_charlotte_tycoon long_hair multiple_girls pink_hair purple_hair short_hair siblings sisters  1814im 1boy 1girl aerith_gainsborough black_hair brown_hair couple eyes_closed final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii long_hair pink_ribbon ponytail ribbon short_hair tears