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メゾ DSA

An action anime TV series that ran from January 4, 2004 to March 30, 2004. It is a sequel to Mezzo Forte, animated by Arms_(studio), and is once again directed by Umetsu_Yasuomi. It was written by Yoshioka Takao. The score was composed by Yasuda Fumika. Unlike its predecessor, it's a non-hentai anime with the only remnant of its hentai roots being some fanservice.

This series follows the further adventures of the Danger Service Agency and introduces a new character Igarashi Asami, a shy and meek young girl who admires Mikura after the older girl saves her life. It adopts a more episodic format though it does have a recurring plot thread involving a mysterious male assassin who has been assigned to take out the DSA and frequently confronts Mikura. It also reduces the violence compared to Mezzo Forte and features no sex scenes though there is still fan service.




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