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Gelbooru Quality: Posting Guidelines

Thank you for donating your spare time to help us expand our image collection! While we need a constant supply of new images to keep our collection fresh and up to date, we must make it clear that Gelbooru, while not as strict as some, does have quality standards similar to most galleries of its kind.

Before you upload your first images, please familiarize yourself with our quality standards. While we understand that quality can be an extremely subjective measure, our stance in keeping our gallery "high end" must stand.

Without further ado, we shall address quality issues from the least subjective to the most.


Although not technically a quality issue, copyright is the most objective measure in determining if an upload will be permanently added to Gelbooru or not. Copyright is a distinctly binary issue: an image is either accepted or rejected on grounds of copyright.

Uploads that bear copyright issues will be unconditionally removed from Gelbooru.

Generally Accepted

Most Japanese related art from most artists.

Generally Rejected

Art from any active paysite. (See below)

Paysite Content

(Updated 4 May 2012) Gelbooru no longer bans artists at their request nor are they banned due to their affiliation with paysites. Art from these artists such as may be found freely on the artist's homepage/website will be accepted as long as it does not meet other conditions for removal.

Content from these artists found only on active paysites are still protected and must not be posted on Gelbooru.

Open Note to Artists From Us:

We believe in sharing, appreciation and preservation of your talents. Your exclusive right to profit from your works is assured. Please contact our staff if you have any further questions about our site. For questions use our forum

If you find paysite content on Gelbooru then please flag it for deletion. If an identifying watermark has been cropped from the image then please include the source of the image in your deletion reason. It will be deleted at our convenience. Please note this only applies to art from active paysites; when a paysite is closed, its property usually becomes public domain. (Example: is now paid for by ads excluding their separate premium sites listed in the link below.)

Please see our list of Banned_Sources. Images from these sources or with their watermark are not permitted on Gelbooru and will be promptly deleted.

Art Style

Gelbooru is a Japanese Art Gallery first, and a quality gallery second. Only Japanese and Japanese-style art will be accepted. Art which are done in other styles by non-Japanese artist are highly likely to be rejected.

Generally Accepted
Anime-style illustrations.
Anime-style renditions of characters from Western animation or comics by Japanese artists.
Photography of Anime-themed papercraft. Examples: paper_child

Conditionally Accepted
Oekakki and art from the '90s where limitations on quality may be imposed by the software available at the time.

Generally Rejected
Most Photography not involving well known artists, actors, works or cosplay.
Western style illustrations (commonly known as 'cartoons' or 'comics') unless made by an identifiable Japanese artist.

Image Quality

Perhaps the most objective of quality measures is the visual quality of an upload. Please ensure that images are crisp, clear and free of watermarks.

Generally Accepted
Crisp, High quality images without blatantly noticeable compression artifacts.
Efficiently compressed images. Generally this means images that are clear and yet have a small file size for their quality.
High-resolution images. Stay with the times! You may have to lurk around to find out the minimum pixel size of the moment.

Generally Rejected
Images with needlessly invasive watermarks.
Images defaced by compression artifacts. Such images suffer from blockiness, smudginess (mostly JPEGs), grains or banding (mostly GIFs and PNGs).
Images with large file sizes without a good reason. When Gelbooru receives a large file, we expect it to be a large print-quality poster-size illustration with hairline details. However, many images with large file sizes have been simply blurry scans saved in 24-bit PNG format.
Low resolution images where higher resolutions are available.
Upscales and waifu2x. If this is the only edit to a post it does not count as a quality edit.


For information on photo content, see howto:photo

Anatomy and Perspective

Figure illustrations have always, and will always make up the vast majority of our collection. As a result, some mods have developed a fussy eye for drawn people. Gelbooru is not so picky as some *boorus but may be harsh at times when it comes to judging an artist's execution of perspective and anatomy. A good example of how a professional quality illustration quickly falls under Gelbooru's ultra-sensitive anatomy checker is post #143806.

Generally Accepted

Illustrations demonstrating correct execution of anatomy AND perspective. This is extremely important!
Gelbooru loves good anatomy and perspective.
Tasteful posts that deliberately defy the rules of anatomy for moe or comedic reasons. i.e. super_deformed, chibi.

Subject to Contention

Sometimes an illustration with some touchy issues but otherwise good anatomy shows up on Gelbooru. Moderators debate to no end while these illustrations fall into the fires of deletion.
High quality illustrations marred by glaring anatomical errors.
Such images still stand a high chance of being rejected.
High quality illustrations with mostly good anatomy, but feature grotesquely exaggerated breasts and genitals.

Gelbooru-specific Criteria

In addition to the basic quality requirements, there are things that push the buttons of our moderators, causing them to reject seemingly quality illustrations and accept seemingly poorly drawn art.
Additional Rejection Criteria

This is a list of criteria which is specially prohibited by Gelbooru Terms of Service. Moderators will be strongly biased against even the highest quality illustrations that meet least one of these criteria:

Furry, anthropomorphic characters done in a western style related to the Furry Fandom
Anime style anthropomorphic characters are accepted.
Third Party Watermarks, or identity watermarks placed by anyone other than the original artist of the artwork.
Examples are 'hosted at' watermarks, common with dubious anime porn paysites.
Guro, or Extreme graphic violence. This includes severe mutilation of body parts, fetishism of inflicting flesh wounds and live amputation.
Images with the guro tag represent the absolute threshold of acceptable violence on Gelbooru.
Scat porn, otherwise known to Wikipedia-types as coprophilia.
Nude Filters are allowed however poorly-executed uncensored rebuilds of censored images are not. Photoshop uncensoring must maintain the same quality level/art-style as the original.
Viral animations, GIFs and PNGs. Moderators may not feel about the animation the same way that you do.

Quality Check Exceptions

You may find some images here which seem to patently violate our Quality guidelines. These are extremely rare cases in Gelbooru history where moderators have given concession to specific posts, for these specific reasons:

Photos of phenomena considered significant to Gelbooru users
Example: post #508760 The post we love to hate.
Animations considered immensely amusing which happen to capture the hearts of moderators at the time they are uploaded.
Example: post #1024769 A few more keystrokes made this interesting!

A Footnote on Historical Images

You may notice a number of comparatively low quality art in Gelbooru's permanent collection. While current upload standards would preclude similar images being uploaded today, we have neither the manpower nor a compelling reason to re-review many tens of thousands of historical images in bulk. Older images are not immune to re-consideration in the moderation queue (that is, there is no official "grandfather clause"), but there will be no large-scale purge of the backlog either.

The Creed of the Gelbooru Contributor:

Now that you have learned about what Gelbooru likes and dislikes, it is time to learn the Creed which we all follow. Swear by these rules, and you will be more than welcome to stay.
Gelbooru is not a Hentai Board (or is it?) Most of the images posted here are rating:safe.
Gelbooru is a high-quality Japanese-illustration gallery that tolerates sexual content. We are NOT a repository for anime porn. We accept sexual content because the talented artists out there, especially from Japan, happen to draw a lot of good smut. There is no preferential treatment for erotic art. All uploads, erotic or not, are subject to Gelbooru quality guidelines.

Uploading One's Own Art is a Good Way to Get Your Feelings Hurt

Posting one's own art is severely looked down upon, and there are two reasons behind this:

Firstly, artists tend to be biased when it comes to judging the quality of their own work. What looks good to you may be regarded as mediocre to Gelbooru moderators.
Secondly, more suitable sites to upload your own art to include Deviantart and Pixiv.

Admins and moderators are especially harsh on self-posting artists, lashing out penalties without remorse. The surest way to feature your art on Gelbooru is to show immense talent and skill elsewhere, and with that, captivate some fans on the other side of the Internet into uploading your art.

Err on The Side of Caution

You are likely to hear this phrase repeated throughout your stay in Gelbooru. To oversimplify things a bit, if you are unsure if you have to do something or not, it is better that you don't. The best examples of this creed in practice are:

Posting: If unsure about an image meeting the Rejection Criteria (see above), keep it off our server.
Translating: If unsure about what is going on in a conversation, ask first.

Gelbooru is Subjective

We know that it can seem unfair at times that we judge images on quality, which is of course a subjective value. But we do this because this method works for Gelbooru and pleases the majority of the userbase. Don't take it personal if one or more of your uploads don't get approved. We've all been there, just live and learn. Details on how to appeal deletions that you see as unfair are on the Deletion Appeals page.

Aftercare for Downloads

Unlike some other *boorus we do not auto delete unapproved posts after a time limit. All posts are subject to review and possible deletion by mods at any time.

Comprehensive tagging is of the essence on Gelbooru, its body and its blood. However, in cases where it is not yet possible to comprehensively tag an image as we would like, we have a minimum criteria for tagging new posts:

Characters must be identified by name in the tags.
Use the original tag if it's an original character.
Place a character_request if you aren't sure where a character comes from.
Artists must be credited.
Uploads must have at least an artist: tag or artist_request tag
We understand that some artists may be anonymous but work by unidentifiable artists are more likely to be deleted, especially if the work appears at all western.
Copyrights which a character is from must be identified.
Major body characteristics of characters must be identified. Be sure to include:
Hair styles
Hair colors
Eye colors
What the characters are wearing
If you are not sure if an image is tagged completely enough, always place a tagme tag, and another contributor will review your tags, adding and making corrections as necessary.

For Tagging Guidelines in greater detail, please refer to the howto:tag wiki.

Make Use of Comments and the Forum

Most of the time, a cursory trip to Google will help you accomplish most things such as finding out which copyright a character comes from. If you have an issue that where Google research just wouldn't do, please leave a comment on the image about the issue you want to clarify.

Harder issues may be resolved with a forum post. Please be sure to reference your post when using the forum. Copy/paste the URL or print "{post}######{/post} using [ and ] in place of { and }. ###### = the post id found under "Statistics" to the left of the image or the numbers at the end of the URL.

Also, please read howto:comment to get an understanding about commenting on Gelbooru..

Check for Duplicates

Be sure that your post has not been uploaded by someone else. When uploading an image, use to find images which are visually identical to your upload.

If your image has already been uploaded, only upload if you have a higher quality copy. Once you have uploaded your higher quality copy, flag all existing copies of the same exact image for deletion. Please note that upscaled images such as waifu2x edits are not counted as being higher quality.

References, Resources, Further Reading

3dbooru, Independently run site for posting high-quality cosplay photography.
Danbooru, Independently run Image Board/Gallery system like Gelbooru, but far more strict about their content.
Deviantart, English language gallery for posting your own art.
Pixiv, Japanese language 'Illust. Communication Service' for posting your own art.

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