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Multiple drawings of the same character in different poses, or the character and their accessories drawn separately.

For characters depicted in the same pose but in different clothing (as in post #2113444), use variations.

For the process and result of making a composite photograph by cutting and joining a number of other photographs/drawings use montage or collage.

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 1boy absurdres animal_ears animalization boots bright_pupils brown_background character_sheet closed_mouth commentary_request dragon full_body green_kimono high_heel_boots high_heels highres japanese_clothes kimono long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus orange_pupils original pelvic_curtain pubic_hair red_eyes shima_(wansyon144) shirt simple_background single_sleeve smile solo standing thigh_boots translation_request trap white_footwear white_shirt wide_sleeves
 animal_focus black_border border breath_weapon breathing_fire character_name character_sheet claws dragon fire from_side full_body fungi gibberish_text hexagram highres kuribatake monster monster_hunter_(series) multiple_views no_humans open_mouth paper_texture rathalos red_scales scales sharp_teeth silhouette size_difference spikes stamp_mark tail teeth tree wings wyvern
 1girl absurdres bandaged_leg bandages barefoot blue_cape blue_eyes blue_shirt cape character_sheet closed_mouth cropped_legs crystal expressionless eyelashes full_body grey_skirt hair_ornament high-waist_skirt highres light_frown long_hair long_sleeves miniskirt multiple_views object_floating_above_hand original outstretched_hand pleated_skirt pointy_ears shirt sidelocks simple_background skirt sky:_children_of_the_light sumi_(thatsky_sumi) tassel tassel_hair_ornament twitter_username white_background white_hair
 1girl andriana_averill asymmetrical_hair black_eyes blue_dress blush breasts brown_fur brown_hair brown_hands brown_pubic_hair character_name character_sheet cleavage closed_eyes colored_extremities commentary completely_nude dress english_commentary feet feet_out_of_frame female_pubic_hair griffin_girl hair_over_one_eye head_wings large_breasts lion_tail low_neckline medium_hair monster_girl multiple_views nat_the_lich necklace_between_breasts nipples nude original pale_skin pubic_hair reference_photo shoes short_dress simple_background sitting sketch smile solo_focus tail white_background white_dress wings
 1girl ass belt belt_buckle between_breasts bible_(object) blue_eyes book breasts brown_belt brown_footwear brown_panties brown_thighhighs buckle character_sheet clothes_between_breasts coif commentary_request cross cross_necklace from_behind from_side garter_belt garter_straps grey_hair habit highres huge_breasts jewelry latin_cross long_hair looking_ahead looking_at_viewer multiple_views navel necklace nun original panties pelvic_curtain profile revealing_clothes second-party_source sleeves_past_wrists string_panties tareme thick_thighs thighhighs thighs thong throtem underwear veil white_background wide_hips wimple
 1girl blue_hair boxing_shorts character_name character_sheet fatal_fury fatal_fury:_city_of_the_wolves fighting_stance fingerless_gloves glasses gloves highres leg_warmers multicolored_hair official_art pink_hair ponytail preecha_(fatal_fury) shorts smile sports_bra sports_panties stirrup_footwear tank_top toeless_footwear yellow_tank_top

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