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Tag type: General

Images with a mission to deliver an educational or insightful message.

The artist may attempt to:

Challenge stereotypes.
Debunk myths.
Draw attention to and encourage discussion on commonly neglected or taken-for-granted issues.
Encourage a neutral point of view on a normally polarizing topic.
Share insights and voice opinions.
Offer helpful hints.
Refute common misconceptions.
Parody or satirize the above.

Use on Gelbooru:

Any image which carries such a message either in itself or an accompanying text commentary by the artist.


Only use this tag for images where the artist is communicating in honesty or frankness.

When a image appears to forcefully push a particular point of view without regard for other opinions, the propaganda tag may be more appropriate.

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 1girl absurdres artist_name black_bow black_bowtie black_hair blush bow bowtie cigarette closed_mouth collared_dress commentary cropped_torso cup dress drink drinking_glass drinking_straw english_commentary english_text frown grey_eyes highres holding holding_cigarette ice ice_cube kurohitsuji_(akiyamasheep) long_hair looking_at_viewer maid maid_headdress original puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves short_sleeves sidelocks solo truth white_dress white_sleeve_cuffs
 2girls animal_ears blue_hair blue_hat brown_eyes brown_hair english_text hat imaizumi_kagerou kamishirasawa_keine meme multiple_girls red_eyes smile space striped_hair touhou truth wolf_ears wolf_girl wool_(miwol)
 1girl anger_vein angry animal_ears cat_girl claire_d'lune commentary dress english_text fangs full_body furry furry_female greyscale inawon long_hair looking_at_viewer monochrome open_mouth pointing pointing_at_viewer shoes simple_background socks solo speech_bubble spoken_skull standing straight-on symbol-only_commentary the_summoning truth white_background
 1girl 2others 3boys absurdres artorias_the_abysswalker ashina_genichirou black_hair centurii-chan_(artist) chosen_undead company_connection covered_eyes dark_souls_(series) dark_souls_i dodging elden_ring from_software grey_hair helmet highres holding holding_shield holding_sword holding_weapon long_hair malenia_blade_of_miquella meme multiple_boys multiple_others ninja parrying plap_plap_plap_get_pregnant_(meme) red_hair rolling samurai sekiro sekiro:_shadows_die_twice shield sword sword_clash tarnished_(elden_ring) truth very_long_hair weapon winged_helmet
 1girl blonde_hair collared_shirt commentary english_text eyewear_on_head flandre_scarlet fourth_wall highres holding holding_microphone mary_janes microphone one_side_up pointy_ears puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_eyes red_skirt red_vest shirt shoes short_hair short_sleeves silhouette skirt socks stage stage_lights stool symbol-only_commentary touhou truth vest white_shirt wings yoruny
 1girl ^_^ absurdres burger capelet closed_eyes commentary eating elf english_commentary english_text food frieren hands_up highres holding holding_food long_hair long_sleeves pantyhose patreon_username pointy_ears sad simple_background solo sousou_no_frieren speech_bubble sydus truth twintails wcdonald's white_background white_hair

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