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For more hints, play Metal Gear Solid and ignore the stealth aspect.
Just kidding!

A combination of the exclamation and question marks, conveying both surprise and wonder/disbelief at the same time. The order of the marks depends on the context being shown by the "conveyer."

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 !? 2girls 4koma :d alternate_hairstyle comic greyscale hair_ribbon hakama_skirt highres japanese_clothes kaga_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection monochrome multiple_girls o_o open_mouth page_number ribbon short_hair short_sidetail smile tasuki translation_request twintails yatsuhashi_kyouto younger zuikaku_(kantai_collection)  ! !? 2girls 6+boys asui_tsuyu bakugou_katsuki banner birthday blush boku_no_hero_academia cake comic crying engrish eyes_closed food glasses heart highres iida_tenya invitation kaminari_denki kirishima_eijirou midoriya_izuku mineta_minoru multiple_boys multiple_girls one_eye_closed phone pointing ranguage sharp_teeth shirt shorts slippers speech_bubble sweatdrop t-shirt taking_picture tears teeth text thumbs_up uraraka_ochako v !? +_+ ... 1boy 2girls ? apita_(apitaro) bisexual blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bow breasts censored drill_hair eromanga_sensei fellatio hairbow hand_on_another's_head hand_on_head izumi_sagiri licking loli long_hair mosaic_censoring multiple_girls nipples nude open_mouth oral pointy_ears red_bow silver_hair small_breasts sweat tears text thighhighs translation_request yamada_elf !? 2girls 4koma comic commentary_request crescent crescent_hair_ornament fang flying_sweatdrops glass greyscale hair_ornament handkerchief harukaze_unipo highres kantai_collection kikuzuki_(kantai_collection) long_hair milk milk_carton monochrome multiple_girls nagatsuki_(kantai_collection) necktie school_uniform serafuku smirk soy_milk spilled_milk sweatdrop translated wiping  !? 1girl angry bag blonde_hair blush braid crying crying_with_eyes_open d:< embarrassed fang kindergarten_uniform kirisame_marisa looking_at_viewer rbtt shoulder_bag single_braid solo tears touhou tsurime wavy_hair yellow_eyes !? arms_(game) beanie blonde_hair blush breasts defeated detached_arm erect_nipples fingering green_eyes groping hat high_resolution humiliation japanese_text large_breasts large_nipples mask min_min_(arms) nipple_tweak nipples pantyhose pussy_juice sweat text

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