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For more hints, play Metal Gear Solid and ignore the stealth aspect.
Just kidding!

A combination of the exclamation and question marks, conveying both surprise and wonder/disbelief at the same time. The order of the marks depends on the context being shown by the "conveyer."

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 !? >_< 3girls 4koma ? akagi_(kantai_collection) brown_hair chopsticks comic commentary_request food highres hiyoko_(nikuyakidaijinn) holding_chopsticks japanese_clothes kaga_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection long_hair multiple_girls ryuujou_(kantai_collection) side_ponytail speech_bubble spoken_question_mark sweatdrop tasuki translation_request twintails twitter_username visor_cap younger  !? 3girls ;) animal_ears blood cat_ears cat_tail chen comic fang greyscale highres konpaku_youmu monochrome multiple_girls multiple_tails niiko_(gonnzou) one_eye_closed open_mouth revision rocket_launcher rpg smile tail tears touhou translated weapon yakumo_ran  !? 1boy 1girl aikatsu! aikatsu_stars! bangs blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bow brown_eyes brown_hair collared_shirt commentary_request embarrassed eyebrows_visible_through_hair from_side gradient_hair hair_between_eyes hair_bow highres hug jacket long_sleeves multicolored_hair nijino_yume pink_bow pink_hair pink_jacket red_jacket sekina shirt simple_background speech_bubble spoken_interrobang surprised sweatdrop twintails white_background white_shirt yuuki_subaru  ! !? 2girls ? apron bell bespectacled blush book brown_hair checkered checkered_kimono checkered_shirt clothes_writing commentary_request covering covering_crotch embarrassed futatsuiwa_mamizou futatsuiwa_mamizou_(human) glasses hair_bell hair_ornament japanese_clothes kimono leaf leaf_hair_ornament leaf_on_head miyo_(ranthath) motoori_kosuzu multiple_girls no_panties open_mouth red_hair shirt spoken_exclamation_mark spoken_question_mark touhou two_side_up wind wind_lift  !? >_< /\/\/\ 3girls ? african_wild_dog_(kemono_friends) african_wild_dog_ears african_wild_dog_print animal_ears bent black-tailed_prairie_dog_(kemono_friends) black_footwear black_hair black_legwear comic eyes_closed flying_sweatdrops fur_collar godzilla grass greyscale highres kemono_friends kishida_shiki monochrome mountainous_horizon multicolored_hair multiple_girls open_mouth outdoors personification plaid plaid_skirt prairie_dog_ears prairie_dog_tail puckered_lips reaching shin_godzilla short_hair skirt smile spoken_interrobang spoken_question_mark tail tiptoes translation_request tree trembling white_footwear  !? >_< +++ 0_0 2girls ? @_@ animal_ears arms_around_neck black-tailed_prairie_dog_(kemono_friends) black_gloves black_hair cloud comic elbow_gloves fainting fur_collar gloves godzilla grass headband highres kemono_friends kishida_shiki kiss leaning_forward mountainous_horizon multiple_girls open_mouth outdoors personification plaid plaid_skirt prairie_dog_ears prairie_dog_tail saliva sharp_teeth shin_godzilla short_hair skirt sky smile spoken_interrobang spoken_question_mark tail teeth translation_request tree yuri

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