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Obsolete tag. Use watercolor_(medium).

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arm_cannon choujikuu_kidan_southern_cross fukuchi_nobuyuki mecha no_humans pencil restricted_palette robot standing watercolor weapon white_background
 1girl agano blonde_hair breasts cleavage dress elbow_gloves frilled_dress frilled_gloves frills gloves hair_between_eyes hat highres large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer mob_cap one_eye_closed open_mouth purple_dress purple_eyes red_ribbon ribbon sidelocks touhou very_long_hair watercolor wink yakumo_yukari
1girl bird birds bone cloud coat crow dark_clouds gem hat highres iizunamaru_megumu long_hair red_eyes sanisaido sitting skull sleeveless sleeveless_coat tengu tokin_hat touhou watercolor wings
 1980s_(style) 1boy 1girl bastard!! dark_schneider hagiwara_kazushi illustration oldschool red_hair retro_artstyle tia_noto_yoko watercolor
2girls alternate_costume animal_ears arm_above_head birdcage black_hair black_wristband blonde_hair blush breasts brown_eyes cage cleavage danganronpa:_trigger_happy_havoc danganronpa_(series) dress enoshima_junko fake_nails fingernails freckles full_body gloves guitar hair_ornament headwear_request horizontal-striped_legwear ikusaba_mukuro instrument jewelry large_breasts movie_reference multiple_girls nail_polish necklace open_mouth painting_(medium) rabbit_ears reaching reaching_towards_viewer red_nails siblings simple_background sister sisters striped_clothes striped_dress striped_legwear thighhighs tongue traditional_media twins twintails vertical-striped_clothes vertical-striped_dress vertical-striped_legwear watercolor watercolor_(medium) watercolor_pencil_(medium) watercolors white_gloves wristband
 1boy artist_request black_hair blue_eyes chainsaw_man framed hayakawa_aki highres ponytail traditional_media watercolor

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