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Tag type: General

Double exclamation points often express surprise or shock or sudden pain.

Use this tag for any set of multiple exclamation points outside of a text bubble, unless they are the only things in the text bubble.

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 !! 1girl absurdres anal bangs blonde_hair blunt_bangs blush boku_no_hero_academia bottomless breasts cardigan chair classroom double_bun fangs hair_bun half-closed_eyes heart highres legs_up lying nipple_tweak nipples no_panties on_back open_mouth pleated_skirt pussy pussy_juice restrained scarf school_uniform self_fondle serafuku skirt small_breasts solo speech_bubble spread_legs table teeth tentacle text toga_himiko torn_clothes vaginal yellow_eyes  !! 2girls :d agen_chiita animal_ears blonde_hair blush brown_eyes chopsticks common_raccoon_(kemono_friends) eating fennec_(kemono_friends) food food_on_face fork fox_ears grey_hair half-closed_eyes handkerchief heart kemono_friends multicolored_hair multiple_girls open_mouth pancake raccoon_ears short_hair smile sparkling_eyes speech_bubble table text translation_request two-tone_hair  !! :d absurdres angry animal_ears bag bakugou_katsuki blush_stickers boku_no_hero_academia bow bowtie clenched_teeth cosplay elbow_gloves full_body gloves hat hat_feather highres kaban_(kemono_friends) kaban_(kemono_friends)_(cosplay) kemono_friends monochrome open_mouth serval_(kemono_friends) serval_(kemono_friends)_(cosplay) serval_ears serval_print simple_background sleeveless smile teeth thighhighs thought_bubble uraraka_ochako white_background  !! 1boy alternate_costume animal_head back beak bird blush boku_no_hero_academia casual crossed_arms heart highres hood hoodie hyoon_(sockgyu) jacket looking_at_viewer pink_background red_eyes school_uniform simple_background solo_focus sparkle tokoyami_fumikage track_jacket upper_body !! 1boy 1girl ahoge bathroom black_hair blue_eyes blush bow brother_and_sister collarbone door eromanga_sensei hair_bow indoors izumi_masamune izumi_sagiri long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another muganof open_mouth pajamas pajamas_pull shiny_skin silver_hair sitting solo_focus sshiny striped striped_panties text toilet toilet_paper toilet_use towel translation_request underwear ! !! 2girls belt bow bracelet checkered checkered_shirt comic dress greyscale hair_bow hair_ornament hair_ribbon hand_up highres japanese_clothes jewelry kimono long_hair monochrome motoori_kosuzu multiple_girls ponytail puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves ribbon shaded_face sheath shirt short_sleeves sketch spoken_exclamation_mark sweat temu touhou translation_request watatsuki_no_yorihime wide_sleeves

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