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Tag type: Artist

Artist, mangaka. Author of Akitaland Gothic.

Japanese name: 器械 (Kikai)
Circle & site name: 秋田モルグ (AKITA-MORGUE)
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1girl artist_name blush bottomless female grey_hair kikai_(akita_morgue) loli navel original out-of-frame_censoring short_hair solo1girl between_toes blush collarbone cup embarrassed feet female highres kikai_(akita_morgue) loli long_hair mug no_shoes original panties print_panties sitting smile solo sweat thighs toeless_legwear toes underwear2girls ass back bare_back blue_hair cap female from_behind hat highres kikai_(akita_morgue) loli long_hair multiple_girls no_shoes original panties pink_hair socks thighhighs topless underwear 1girl backpack bag bangs_pinned_back blush brown_hair child female kikai_(akita_morgue) original purple_eyes randoseru simple_background solo white_background 1girl female hair_ornament hairclip kikai_(akita_morgue) loli original panties pantyhose pantyhose_pull shoes short_hair solo underwear wavy_mouth  1girl aftersex bottomless breath earrings eyes_closed female heavy_breathing jewelry kikai_(akita_morgue) loli monochrome original short_hair solo sweat

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