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Artist, mangaka. Author of Akitaland Gothic.

Japanese name: 器械 (Kikai)
Circle & site name: 秋田モルグ (AKITA-MORGUE)
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 1girl black_eyes blue_hair blush_stickers bouquet_(doubutsu_no_mori) cat checkered_shirt doubutsu_no_mori kikai_(akita_morgue) looking_at_viewer no_humans on_bed shirt sweat  1girl backpack bangs blush child female kikai_(akita_morgue) legs looking_at_viewer open_mouth original outdoors side_ponytail skirt solo squatting  1girl all_fours barefoot blush bottomless eyebrows_visible_through_hair female indoors kikai_(akita_morgue) loli no_panties open_mouth original panties_around_leg solo window  1girl android female kikai_(akita_morgue) no_nipples original parts_exposed profile red_eyes slit_pupils solo  1girl blush dress female kikai_(akita_morgue) lavender_hair loli low_twintails lying no_panties on_back socks solo sword thighhighs weapon  1girl bike_shorts blush brown_hair dark_skin embarrassed fang female hood hoodie kikai_(akita_morgue) original shirt_tug short_hair solo tomboy

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