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The zodiac is the "band" of the night sky roughly corresponding to the solar system's ecliptic plane. Western astrologers divide it into twelve signs, named for the constellation that is nearest the position of the Sun for one-twelfth of the year. (These periods do not quite line up with the calendar months, so that the sign of the zodiac changes around the twentieth or twenty-first of the month.)

Not to be confused with the popular brand of semi-rigid inflatable boats, the serial killer, the former-Soviet rock band, or the town of Zodiac, Missouri.

The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

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Aries (Zodiac): The Ram, "The Agrarian Worker".
Taurus (Zodiac): The Bull, "The Steer of Heaven".
Gemini (Zodiac):The Twins, "The Great Twins".
Cancer (Zodiac):The Crab, "The Crayfish".
Leo (Zodiac): The Lio, "The Lion".
Virgo (Zodiac): The Maiden, "The Furrow"; "The Furrow, the goddess Shala's ear of corn".
Libra (Zodiac): The Scales, "The Scales".
Scorpio (Zodiac): The Scorpion, "The Scorpion".
Sagittarius (Zodiac): Centaur The Archer, "soldier".
Capricorn (Zodiac): "Goat-horned", "The Goat-Fish".
Aquarius (Zodiac): The Water Bearer, "The Great One", later "pitcher".
Pisces (Zodiac): The Fish, "The Tail of the Swallow", later "fish-cord".

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 1girl bare_arms bare_shoulders black_hair breasts cancer_(symbol) cancer_(zodiac) chinese_clothes closed_mouth commentary double_bun double_v earrings eyelashes eyeliner eyeshadow hair_bun hair_flowing_over hands_up highres jewelry leaning_to_the_side light_particles lipstick long_hair looking_at_viewer makeup nail_polish original red_eyeliner red_eyeshadow red_lips red_nails red_theme sleeveless small_breasts solo swept_bangs symbol-only_commentary twintails upper_body v white_background yumeko_(yumeyana_g) zodiac

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