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Either the image has '1991' written somewhere on it, or it makes a reference to the year 1991.
Also when 1991 appears as a tag when searching through pixiv.

1991 is the year of the goat.

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 1991 1boy highres jewelry official_art ring sega solo_focus sonic sonic_the_hedgehog  1991 4boys armor artist_request boots capcom captain_commando captain_commando_(character) full_body gloves holding holding_sword holding_weapon hoover_(captain_commando) katana knife looking_at_viewer mack_the_knife multiple_boys ninja official_art shou_(captain_commando) sword weapon  1991 1girl 90s animal artist_name bell black_gloves blue_eyes bob_cut broom bunnysuit copyright_name dated elbow_gloves gainax gloves heart high_heels looking_at_viewer misty_may nega-king official_art open_mouth otaku_no_video pink_hair pink_legwear posi-king short_hair sonoda_ken'ichi thighhighs watermark  1991 1991_(blz) 3girls 90s arm_up arms_up bandage beach belt black_legwear black_ribbon blue_eyes blue_shorts blue_skirt bow bowtie bracelet breasts brown_hair butterfly collarbone eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair green_footwear grin groin hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hair_ribbon hairclip hand_behind_head hand_on_hip hat highres index_finger_raised jewelry jumping long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts midriff mole mole_under_eye multiple_girls navel ocean one_eye_closed open_clothes open_mouth open_shirt original pantyhose petals pleated_skirt red_bow red_flower ribbon sarashi school_uniform shirt shoes short_hair shorts side_ponytail skirt smile socks stairs underboob white_hat white_legwear white_shirt yellow_eyes  1991 1girl 90s arms_up artist_request beltskirt black_hair breasts cleavage contrapposto copyright_request cover cover_page cowboy_shot dated floating_hair green_background highleg highleg_leotard leotard long_hair looking_at_viewer magazine_cover oldschool parted_lips simple_background solo young_hip  1991 1boy 1girl 90s angry arcade arcade_cabinet arcade_stick bad_end bench blank_eyes blood blush capcom clenched_hand comic controller defeated dress duel fighting game_controller guile high_score_girl highres hime_cut injury joystick kicking monochrome nosebleed official_art oono_akira oshikire_reisuke oshikiri_rensuke otaku parody playing punching pushing scan shirt shoes shorts spanish spoilers street_fighter street_fighter_ii street_fighter_ii_(series) t-shirt traditional_media video_game white_eyes yaguchi_haruo

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