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Refers to images referencing this specific Dead or Alive game as well as its updated rereleases. It was released on September 25, 2012 for Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 and story-wise continues from Dead or Alive 4. It is directed by Shimbori Yohei and produced by Hayashi Yosuke.

It brings back most of the series' recurring characters but it significantly changes the art style of the series to a slightly grittier one. Characters now get sweat and dirt on their bodies as the fight goes on. Returning characters' faces have also been redesigned. The developers originally even planned to tone down the female characters' breasts, but negative fan feedback from pre-release demos convinced them to retain the female characters' famous bustiness. However, the developers later added a female fighter who doesn't have large breasts, Marie Rose. This game's design of Kasumi was used for her appearance in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. The third installment of the Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball also retains the art style introduced in this game.

The environments are even more interactive than previous games with stages frequently getting destroyed or changing as the fight goes on. Some stages feature a cliffhanger mechanic; when a player is knocked to the edge of an arena, his/her character can cling onto the edge. His/her opponent will race towards the edge and several things can happen: the player hanging on the edge can let go and take some damage, but not as much as being attacked by the other player or they can attempt to counter their oncoming opponent's attack which, if successful, can give the player an advantage once both fighters hit the ground. The developers used the Uncharted series as inspiration for the interactive environments.

Like its predecessors, many of the stages have multiple parts, but this game is unique in that the players can pick whichever part of the stage they want to start on for multi-tiered stages.

The game also introduces Power Blows, which is an unique cinematic attack that every character has that launches his/her opponent into various locations; the player can choose which one s/he would like to launch his/her opponent towards.

The game has a change in style in terms of its musical compositions. Instead of giving each character a theme song like in past Dead or Alive games, the songs in the game are based off of the stages. However, Dead or Alive 5 Ulitmate gave the new characters Mila and Rig their own themes and remixed the themes for Rachel and Momiji. The English rap songs in the game are performed by Lotus Juice with the exception of the song Showdown, which is performed by gamer/rapper Chosen1.

The game's story mode is structured in a similar fashion as Dead or Alive Dimensions with the characters' stories linked together to form one long continuous story. The variety of playable characters in this mode has been increased whereas in Dead or Alive Dimensions' story mode, the player was mostly restricted to the ninjas and Helena. The game's story is also set two years after Dead or Alive 4 making all of the characters adults.

The game introduces a male Taekwondo practitioner named Rig and a female MMA fighter named Mila. This game also crossed over with Virtua Fighter, including Virtua Fighter's Akira_Yuki, Sarah_Bryant, and Pai_Chan as guest fighters. Virtua Fighter was chosen because the series invented the 3D fighting game genre and because it is the franchise Hayashi respects the most.

The game features plenty of unlockable and DLC costumes for the characters, many of which have the characters cosplay as characters from other franchises. The female characters have more costumes like swimsuits and glasses (Eliot is the only male who can wear them).

The game has been ported to the PSP as Dead or Alive 5 Plus which includes a special gravure cinematic mode which consists of the female characters relaxing on Zack Island in their bikinis. The game has received updated rerelease titled Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate much like Dead or Alive 2 did. Momiji from Ninja Gaiden will make her first appearance in the Dead or Alive series as a playable fighter in DOA5 Ultimate. Along with Momiji, there are new arenas based off of the XBOX Ninja Gaiden games. Leon and Hayate's alternate persona Ein, who were left out of the original release of Dead or Alive 5, also return. Jacky Bryant from Virtua Fighter also joins the roster. Rachel from the XBOX Ninja Gaiden also joins Momiji in becoming part of the roster. The main story mode, however, is still the same so none of the new characters introduced in this rerelease and subsequent rereleases play a role in the DOA5 storyline. The game also brings back some stages from Dead or Alive 3 like Lost World and Forest stage with updated graphics in response to fan feedback. The stage Lorelei has also been brought back but unlike the other stages, which are unaltered besides updated graphics, Lorelei has received a Halloween themed makeover and was released as part of a Halloween themed DLC.

Unlike the original version, DOA5U was released in Japanese arcades making it the first Dead or Alive game to be released in the arcades in 13 years. This version of the game introduces some new fighters like Marie Rose, Phase-4 (a clone of Kasumi teleportation-heavy fighting style), and Nyo-Tengu, a female counterpart to Tengu from past Dead or Alive games. It also includes a new mechanic called Power Launcher, which allows characters to launch others straight up into the air. The arcade release of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate has the record of largest roster in the series with 32 playable fighters. DOA5 will also be ported to the XBOX One and Playstation 4 as Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Last Round, which includes all of the characters and stages from DOA5U and adds a few new stages as well as two new characters. Like the previous release, this game also brings back old stages like Crimson from DOA2. Last Round also has a special Senran Kagura themed DLC costume pack that has the DOA women dress up as the Senran Kagura characters. This costume pack is introduces clothing damage to the DOA franchise, which is also faithful to source game for the costumes. DOA5LR also includes a stage based off of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, Fireworks. Last Round also includes more guest characters like ii_naotora_(sengoku_musou) and Fatal Fury's Shiranui Mai. DOA5LR also includes the series' 1st anime/manga inspired stage, based off of Shingeki no Kyoujin.


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Jacky_Bryant DOA5U only
ii_naotora DOA5LR only
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