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It is 1992 JRPG released on Super Nintendo and developed by Squaresoft. It is directed by Ide Kouzi with a story written by Fujioka Chihiro and Maekawa Yoshihiko. Music is composed by Sasai Ryuji and Kawakami Yasuhiro.

Benjamin is a young man climbing a large mountain known as the Hill of Destiny when an earthquake strikes. As he is escaping, a strange old man tells him that he must fulfill the knight's prophecy. Benjamin is not sure what to make of the old man, but he listens to him. The old man tells him that Benjamin must free various regions of the world from evil monsters and restore the crystals that power. Benjamin embarks on his quest, teaming up with various inhabitants from around the world, to restore the crystals and stop whoever's responsible for the world's calamities.

The game is notably, and was intentionally designed to be, easier than the average Final Fantasy game. It is also stylistically closer to the Saga series of JRPGs than the standard Final Fantasy game. Only two characters are in a party at a given time with protagonist Benjamin being the only constant. It is also unique amongst Final Fantasy games at the time in that enemies were visible on the map and the player can choose to avoid or fight them if they wish although many times the environments and dungeons are designed in such a way that the player must fight many of the enemies anyway.

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 1girl artist_name axe blush character_name curly_hair dated final_fantasy final_fantasy_mystic_quest green_eyes karen_(ffmq) leaf long_hair orange_hair simple_background solo tiara tmbsrky upper_body weapon white_background

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