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A dark and very violent cyberpunk action OVA. Its episodes were released from September 1, 1989 to May 20, 1994. It was directed by Itano_Ichiro and written by Aikawa Shou. Music is composed by Ogasawara Hiroshi. Characters are designed by Yuki_Nobuteru. It was adapted into a manga by Kitazaki_Taku.

It is set in alternate universe (or what the animators at the time thought would be the future) 1990s Japan. The nation has become the biggest economic superpower in the world, but not everyone within the nation is happy about this; a Communist terrorist group known as the Red May is fighting to bring the government down so that they can take control. To combat terrorist threats, an elite group of police officers called Special Security Force has been formed. Title character Angel is one of this elite group of police officers and she is assigned to work on stopping the Red May. What seems to be a simple clash with terrorists turns out to be much more complicated once a mysterious group of vigilante psychics joins the fray and hunts down the members of the Red May. As the Special Security Force investigates further, more and more competing factions with their own agendas emerge and the fate of Japanese society is put on the line.

The English localization notably slightly altered the plot to remove what was deemed to be anti-Semitic implications in the original. It also added considerably more profanity.

It has also been adapted by Kitazaki_Taku into a manga in 1990.

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