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An artificial replica of a penis for use in masturbation. Some serve a dual function as a vibrator too.

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 1girl anus ass black_hair breasts brown_hair curvy dildo dildo_riding eyelashes fang female_focus functionally_nude gradient_hair green_eyes hand_fan holding holding_fan huge_ass huge_breasts japanese_text kakuzatou_(satousatotototo) long_hair masturbation motion_lines multicolored_hair open_mouth photo_(object) pussy sex_toy shirt socks squatting sweat thick_thighs thighs translation_request white_shirt wide_hips
 2girls aged_down bar_censor black_hair blush censored closed_eyes collarbone dildo double_dildo english_text feet_out_of_frame female_focus flat_chest groin light_blush multiple_girls nami_(one_piece) nico_robin nipples nose_blush object_insertion on_grass one_piece orange_hair outdoors parted_lips sex_toy shared_object_insertion short_hair sidelocks spread_legs taiggerrock teeth thigh_grab thighs upper_teeth_only vaginal vaginal_object_insertion yuri
 1girl absurdres anus artist_name ass ass_focus black_hair black_thighhighs blue_lips blue_shirt blush breasts clothes_lift dildo goth_fashion gradient_background green_hair green_lips green_nails gwen_(total_drama) highres huge_ass large_breasts multicolored_hair nipples nude sex_toy shirt shirt_lift short_hair solo spiked_thighlet succuboos thighhighs tiptoes torn_clothes torn_thighhighs total_drama two-tone_hair vaginal
 1boy 1girl absurdres aftersex ahegao bar_censor black_hair breasts censored condom cum cum_on_body cum_on_breasts cum_on_hair cum_on_legs cum_on_upper_body cum_overflow dildo egg_vibrator female_pubic_hair fucked_silly hetero highres id_card love_live! love_live!_nijigasaki_high_school_idol_club medium_breasts medium_hair mifune_shioriko navel nipples nude penis pillow pov pubic_hair sex_toy spread_legs stained_sheets tongue tongue_out trembling twitching_penis used_condom vibrator wewe
 1girl :o animal_ear_fluff animal_ears animal_print arm_at_side arm_support black_choker black_hair black_socks blush bottomless breasts censored choker closed_eyes collarbone dildo eyelashes female_masturbation flipped_hair furrowed_brow gluteal_fold hair_between_eyes hair_flaps hair_ornament heart heart_censor hololive indoors large_breasts leaning_to_the_side long_hair long_sleeves masturbation multicolored_hair multicolored_tail nail_polish on_bed ookami_mio open_mouth paw_print pillow pink_nails print_shirt pussy pussy_juice red_hair sex_toy shirt sidelocks single_bare_shoulder single_off_shoulder sitting sleeves_past_wrists socks solo spread_legs streaked_hair sweat tail tail_around_own_leg unworn_clothes very_long_hair virtual_youtuber white_shirt wolf_ears wolf_girl wolf_tail yukidaruma718
 bar_censor censored cum cum_on_body cumdrip dildo ejaculation erection japanese_text male_focus male_masturbation male_underwear male_underwear_pull masturbation on_floor owen_(satomiya) penis phone satomiya sex_toy shota simple_background sweat sweatdrop tank_top testicles vibrator yaoi

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