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While Gelbooru isn't particularly strict with photos as long as it meets the topic of the site, the following will be removed if uploaded.

Photos of minors: Do not upload photos of real children, even if they are completely innocent in nature. Gelbooru is not the place for this.

Photos of sex dolls or sex toys: These aren't relevant to the site's purpose.

Photos of random body parts: Photos that are simply breasts/vaginas/feet and so on will be removed no matter who they belong to.

Photos of merchandise: Figures that are Japanese in nature are allowed. Otaku rooms are allowed. Photos of rooms with a few posters do not count as an otaku room and should not be uploaded.

Poor Cosplay: Images of someone in a wig and nothing else do not count as cosplay, do not upload them.

Effort has to be put into the costume. If it looks like someone made it out of items in their closet, don't upload it here.

Photos of cosplay that appear to have been taken by amateurs with a camera from the nineties will be deleted for poor quality. When uploading photos of cosplayers, it's best to stick to professional photographs

"Glamour" shots (ie. Bikinis, casual wear, anything that isn't a costume) are allowed on a case by case basis. However, if it isn't cosplay, it probably shouldn't be uploaded. this isn't Deviantart.

However, this is on a case by case basis and some "glamour" photos will be given specific exception by the moderation team for quality.

Consider post #187654 to be the minimum standard of what's allowed here, if it isn't as good as that, do not upload it.

See also: howto:upload

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