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Tag type: General


Similar to naked_apron, this refers to a character who is nude save for some overalls.

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Last updated: 01/07/18 5:01 AM by AngryZapdos
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 4girls animal_ears babydoll bangs blonde_hair braid bunny_ears bunnysuit comic eyes_closed fate/grand_order fate_(series) giantess highres long_hair multiple_girls naked_overalls olga_marie_animusphere open_mouth overalls parted_bangs paul_bunyan_(fate/grand_order) pink_hair pool_of_blood purple_eyes purple_hair riyo_(lyomsnpmp) riyo_servant_(babydoll) riyo_servant_(bunnygirl) short_hair side_braid size_difference speech_bubble stomping translation_request white_hair yellow_eyes  1girl badge bangs bare_shoulders blonde_hair brown_eyes brown_gloves brown_hat button_badge chainsaw closed_mouth collarbone commentary_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair fate/grand_order fate_(series) forehead gloves hat highres holding looking_at_viewer monosenbei naked_overalls overalls parted_bangs paul_bunyan_(fate/grand_order) short_hair smiley_face solo v-shaped_eyebrows white_background  1boy amputee beige_background brown_hair dirty_clothes dirty_face folder_(69loremipsum) full_body goggles goggles_on_head highres male_focus mechanical_arm naked_overalls original overalls prosthesis prosthetic_arm shoes simple_background smile solo torn_clothes 1girl blonde_hair haneru_inaba naked_overalls overalls yellow_eyes1girl blonde_hair haneru_inaba naked_overalls nipples overalls yellow_eyes 1girl absurdres bare_legs blush breasts buttons chen_bin fate/grand_order fate_(series) greyscale head_rest highres leaning_forward looking_at_viewer monochrome naked_overalls nipples overall_shorts overalls paul_bunyan_(fate/grand_order) short_hair simple_background sitting small_breasts solo suspenders table unbuttoned white_background

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