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When a character has a |_| but thicker. Commonly seen in Hidamari_sketch.

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 1girl ;d ^_^ asymmetrical_hair bare_arms blue_eyes blue_shorts blush blush_stickers border breasts closed_eyes creatures_(company) crop_top denim denim_shorts fingerless_gloves game_freak gen_1_pokemon gloves gym_leader hair_tie heart highres holding holding_poke_ball holding_pokemon kasai_shin medium_breasts midriff misty_(pokemon) navel nintendo one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_hair pikachu poke_ball poke_ball_(basic) pokemon pokemon:_the_electric_tale_of_pikachu pokemon_(creature) ponytail shirt short_shorts shorts side_ponytail sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smile suspender_shorts suspenders yellow_shirt |_| ||_||
1girl 60mai arms_up back_bow bat_wings black_border black_eyes blue_background blush blush_stickers border bow bush chibi collared_dress commentary_request dress fang flower hair_between_eyes hands_up hat hat_ribbon highres leaf looking_to_the_side looking_up lying mob_cap on_stomach open_mouth pink_bow pink_dress pink_footwear pink_hat pink_ribbon puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves purple_flower purple_hair remilia_scarlet ribbon shadow shoes short_hair short_sleeves smile solo tongue touhou umbrella v-shaped_eyebrows wings wrist_cuffs |_| ||_||
ahoge blonde_hair blue_hair blue_sailor_collar book chibi corrupted_twitter_file fang glasses hair_ornament hair_ribbon hat highres i-168_(kancolle) i-19_(kancolle) i-58_(kancolle) i-8_(kancolle) kantai_collection lifebuoy long_hair low_twintails name_tag neckerchief peaked_cap pink_hair poipoi_purin ponytail red-framed_eyewear ribbon sailor_collar sailor_hat school_swimsuit school_uniform semi-rimless_eyewear serafuku short_hair skin_fang swim_ring swimming swimsuit swimsuit_under_clothes thighhighs torpedo traditional_media tri_tails twintails under-rim_eyewear underwater white_headwear white_legwear |_| ||_||
 2girls animal_ears bacius bed bedroom blush character_doll comic commentary drooling el_condor_pasa_(umamusume) grass_wonder_(umamusume) greyscale highres holding_own_wrist horse_ears horse_girl indoors interlocked_fingers long_hair lying monochrome multiple_girls on_side open_mouth own_hands_clasped own_hands_together pillow smile special_week_(umamusume) translated twitter umamusume walk-in |_| ||_||
 3girls :o absurdres aged_down animalization arknights bare_shoulders barefoot bathing belt black_hair black_shorts blouse blue_hair blush blush_stickers bottle detached_collar dragon dragon_girl dragon_horns dragon_tail dusk_(arknights) fish hair_over_one_eye highres holding holding_bottle horns kuroshiroemaki lantern lee_(arknights) leg_up ling_(arknights) long_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair multiple_girls navel necktie nian_(arknights) onsen open_mouth peeking_out pointy_ears purple_eyes shirt short_shorts shorts siblings sisters solo_focus strapless strapless_shirt streaked_hair submerged tail two-tone_hair very_long_hair water white_hair white_shirt yellow_necktie |_| ||_||
 6+girls akaza_akari black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair blush bob_cut bow closed_mouth commentary_request double_bun funami_yui furutani_himawari glasses grey_hair hair_bow hair_bun hair_ornament hairband hairclip ikeda_chitose looking_at_viewer multiple_girls namori oomuro_sakurako open_mouth pink_hair ponytail purple_hair red_hair short_hair sugiura_ayano toshinou_kyouko twintails white_background yoshikawa_chinatsu yuru_yuri |_| ||_||

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