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Eyes that are simply a pair of dots.

Often found on chibi drawings. Some characters have it by default:

Kero (from Cardcaptor_Sakura)
Ditto, Quagsire (from Pokemon)

Related tags

If the eyes are too big to be dots, they are solid_circle_eyes instead.

See also o_o for non-solid circle eyes

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 ._. 1boy 3girls abigail_williams_(fate/grand_order) bare_shoulders black_bow black_hair black_hat bow breasts bustier butterfly detached_sleeves facial_mark fate/extra fate/extra_ccc fate/grand_order fate_(series) forehead forehead_mark fujimaru_ritsuka_(male) gorgon_(fate) gretel_(granblue_fantasy) hat horns karakure_(kamo-nanban) keyhole long_hair monster_girl multiple_girls open_mouth orange_bow pink_legwear purple_hair red_eyes revealing_clothes rider sesshouin_kiara shaded_face sideboob slit_pupils smile snake solid_circle_eyes square_pupils tattoo veil very_long_hair wings yellow_eyes  >_< ._. 1girl ahoge alternate_costume blonde_hair blue_eyes calligraphy_brush doraf granblue_fantasy hagoita hair_ribbon highres horns japanese_clothes kukuru_(granblue_fantasy) kumuyu milli_little paddle paintbrush ribbon silva_(granblue_fantasy) silver_hair smile solo sparkle twintails year  ._. 1girl alternate_costume blue_eyes demon_tail elsword hood hoodie luciela_r._sourcream mellchi oversized_clothes parka pointy_ears shaded_face shoes socks solo tail white_background white_hair  ._. 2boys 4koma 6+girls arisugawa_himari biburi_(precure) blue_(happinesscharge_precure!) blush cat_tail comic cure_waffle flying_sweatdrops gloves hand_on_another's_shoulder happinesscharge_precure! hat heart kenjou_akira kirahoshi_ciel kirakira_patisserie_uniform kirakira_precure_a_la_mode kotozume_yukari long_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls pikario_(precure) popped_collar precure reading smile spoilers tail tategami_aoi translation_request undressing usami_ichika yuuma_(skirthike)  ._. 3girls :t ^_^ absurdres ahoge bag bangs bat black_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blunt_bangs blush blush_stickers boots bow bowtie braid cat chibi commentary_request crescent cross eyes_closed flower frilled_hat frills garden ghost halloween hat hat_bow highres holding holding_paper in_tree long_hair messenger_bag multiple_girls niikura_kaori original overskirt paper petals pink_hair poster_(object) rainbow shooting_star short_hair shorts shoulder_bag silk sitting sitting_in_tree spider_web standing tree twin_braids wanted witch witch_hat yellow_neckwear  ._. 1girl aircraft airplane binoculars brown_hair chibi kantai_collection looking_up short_hair solo terajin yukikaze_(kantai_collection)

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