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Having issues with ads?

  1. Disable ad block tools.
  2. Check your antivirus for any ad blocking functionality.
  3. Disable any custom user scripts/themes.
  4. Disable all browser extensions and reload the website.
  1. 広告ブロック機能を無効にしてください 
  2. ウイルス対策ソフトウエアの広告ブロック機能を確認してください 
  3. カスタムしたスクリプトやテーマを無効にしてください 
  4. 全てのブラウザ拡張機能を無効にし、サイトをリロードしてください
This site may not work in incognito mode all the time!

Our site has 4 banners, 3 of which are out of your main view until you decide to go to page 2, and one popunder, once every 12 hours. Our "middle ground" is you can disable one type of ad on our website as long as you log into an account. The other "middle ground" is we reduce the amount of banners you see over time. This has been disabled due to the amount of ad blocking still going on, so clearly "middle ground" offerings don't work as we are in this situation.

Ads are the only way to generate enough income to pay bills. The site does not receive any of the Patreon money, nor has it ever. It all goes to the lead programmer who only develops version .3 of the software. The perks you are being offered on the Patreon are incentives to contribute back to the project, for those who wanted to have Gelbooru open sourced in the first place, to get it open sourced. That is it.

If you refuse to disable your adblock tool, you should be aware that you are among ~76-80% of our users who think the remaining 20-24% can carry your weight. They can't. The number needs to be ~40% to carry you, not 24%. The pops we serve are sold directly to Nutaku, and if they don't target your country, I put an ad to another site we operate (TheDoujin) or R18. Both of these sites are safe from malware being automatically installed to your PC. TheDoujin only has banner ads, and have had all pops removed cementing this point. Banner spots have not been exploitable using the network we currently serve them from on TheDoujin, although JuicyAds, which we no longer use on the main site, have been known to let sneaky redirects through due to poor default options on adzones.

If you have a custom layout script, design requests go in the Trac. We will likely implement your design into the website as a default if it's a good edit. If you are tired of receiving hundreds of popups, or tired of updating your filter lists, and having features and stuff broken, I'd recommend you just disable your adblock tool of choice, visit your account options and disable the ad type you do not wish to see (Most people select banners). Help us reach the 40% number faster so everyone can just get back to enjoying what we have always done. I mean, worst case, it is two popunders a day, but more likely one. Is it REALLY that bad? Fuck man, don't be an entitled baby.