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2017-11-18 20:14:31
>> #2185022
I don't know what was with that shit-ton of tags that had zero link with the image. I think it was just a copy and paste from another pic.
2017-11-18 20:12:02
>> #2185021
Seee ya no distingo una mierda pero vaya que estan chidos
2017-10-10 23:55:52
>> #2174325
Mmmm yes, I want this to happen to me on vacation
2017-09-23 01:49:53
>> #2169452
Some days from now I won't even be able to distinguish between metal owl's, kunaboto's and ndc's art. Not that I'm complaining.
2017-11-18 20:11:35
>> #2185020
Wow Dander. With two characters this could be tagged as you somehow failed to tag either of them.
2017-11-18 20:11:02
>> #2185019
You need to go higher we can't see
2017-11-18 20:10:34
>> #2185018
Anon #2087656 I agree. She doesn't even need to be nude to be sexy. Her upbeat personality and cuteness are huge turn-ons for me.
2017-01-27 01:02:10
>> #2087656
Sexiest fanart of Elise I've seen here on this site. There are several reasons I like her in Conquest (no, being a loli isn't one of them, but it still makes her cute), and I think I can add this to that list. :)
2017-11-18 20:09:11
>> #2185017
*picks the phone up*i just got the pic in the message you sent, thanx nagisa i loved your pic. send another one in morning kay? yes talk to ya later *hangs up*
2017-11-18 20:08:02
>> #2185016
Don't worry I thought it said lolicon day to
2014-01-21 03:33:44
>> #1474291
February 15th needs to be "Rip that loincloth off and fuck that Loli" day.
2012-10-27 00:38:37
>> #1190028
Kikurage is truly the king of all things loli.
2012-10-27 00:30:56
>> #1190022
Am I the only one who thought the translation said "lolicon day" at first.?
2012-06-03 23:02:38
>> #1084773
My god i want her so bad.
2017-11-18 20:07:15
>> #2185015
I'd love a mom like that
2017-11-18 19:55:29
>> #2185013
Another observation is that in order to press the button on the goggles that allows her to see the map, she will need to let go of her dress, therefore requiring her to reach down again in order to see where she is going. I imagine there would be multiple moments where she must swap back and forth between the map and the camera to judge where exactly she is at that time.
2017-11-13 01:55:36
>> #2183356
I ran the commentary through google translate, so I think I've got some idea of how the contraption works.

The goggles over her face completely blind her, but there's a camera strapped to her abdomen that is hooked up to the goggles, so she can still use it to see where she's going. However, she can only see if she holds up her dress. She can push a button on the goggles to see a map of the route she needs to take home, but it doesn't show where she is on the route.

A backpack full of semen will pump into her sex through the vibrator if she either goes too far off route or lets go of a switch on the backpack she's holding with her left hand. Also, the vibrators' speed goes up the further away her ring is from the sensor over her left shoulder. Finally, it looks like she needs to hold a switch down for 3 hours once she gets home to release everything.

So it looks like she needs to expose herself constantly to see where she's going. If she drops her dress to cover herself, she'll have to reach down (and set the vibrators to high for a bit) to pull it up again. She also can't just wander blind for long, as she needs to keep track of her surroundings in order to tell where she is on the map and make sure she's still on path. Finally, I'm assuming the way she has to disable everything at home will involve stretching her hand enough to set the vibrators to high for the three hours.
2017-11-12 11:13:48
>> #2183160
very nice, will wait for translation :)

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