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2019-01-19 09:02:35
>> #2325611
You'll get used to it. And then you'll love it...
2019-01-19 08:59:49
>> #2325610
this needs a prank tag and mischief or mischievous tag if we have one
2019-01-19 08:55:30
>> #2325609
Artist is Andou Hiroyuki. Game is Tomodachi no Haha wo Okasu toIukoto
2019-01-19 08:55:24
>> #2325608
Yeah Lucy dresses like a slut and definitely gives the impression but she very modest in her thoughts. Which makes it more fun cos she never realized how much she is showing off
2018-08-26 23:45:24
>> #2274392
Lucy dresses a little skimpy but she isn't a hoe >:[
2018-05-13 17:20:28
>> #2238352
The reason no one is impressed by Lucy is that she is Magnolia's hoe, she fucked each dick a hundred times, not to count her guild, in which on each second basis she is gang banged.
2018-05-10 16:49:10
>> #2237462
You know it's an odd thing, Lucy is hot I will be honest with that. But then you have to stop and realize that she's practically the anime girl equivalent of Ron Stoppable with a apple ass and nice pair of tits.

No really who else do you think of when her clothes are always dropping for comedic effect.
2018-05-07 15:04:11
>> #2236481
I'd Lucy consider to be a plum
2019-01-19 08:52:44
>> #2325606
Both their bodies are an invitation to touch. To caress. To fondle. To grope. To lick. To suck. To insert.
2019-01-18 11:56:42
>> #2325249
If I was her, my face would be glowing, and my left hand would go down and press gently on his lower back, and I would appreciate the heat radiating from his body and and the pulsations from his ragingly growing penis.
2019-01-18 11:48:41
>> #2325242
My guess is he is tensing up and living those electrifying sensations that occur just before cumming.
2019-01-18 09:07:44
>> #2325201
No wonder I would blush too, having my head gently pushed into warm, soft ample breasts! Instinct would make me embrace that loving torso and glue my front body to her belly until feel her mound on my navel. And I would sure tense my butt from feeling my rapidly growing penis trying to make its way up between those ever so warm and soft thighs!...
2019-01-18 08:56:01
>> #2325198
Absolutely! Especially when she is feeling so much of his softness and his tone, as well as his state of arousal.
2019-01-19 08:45:20
>> #2325605
This is the best what could happen to a child, every girl should experience this atleast once in their life.
2015-05-21 19:51:07
>> #1744053
I find it utterly hilarious that the artist had no problem drawing this scene, yet felt compelled to censor the "n" from "manko" and the "po" from "chinpo." After all, children could be looking at this.
2015-04-15 15:47:00
>> #1723086
2014-12-05 16:52:00
>> #1647080
I still don't really understand why this is considered hot.
Maybe people have a fetish for the most disgusting way of having sex? It all doesn't really makes sense to me.
It's just another good loli getting the wrong treatment. Destroying all what I sorta hold dear. It kills off my boner too. Now I have to look for some nice stuff to divert my focus and attention.
2014-12-01 23:23:07
>> #1645041
2019-01-19 08:43:14
>> #2325604
This makes me wanna cum so hard
2019-01-19 08:42:20
>> #2325603
So sexy makes me wanna beat my dick
2018-08-25 21:58:45
>> #2274046
Hot! Can't wait to see where this goes!
2019-01-19 08:41:08
>> #2325602
So fucking hot gunna beat my dick to this

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