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2017-10-17 00:45:20
>> #2176001
Was this uploaded twice? The other one is
I cannot tell the difference if there is any
2017-10-17 00:36:13
>> #2176000
2017-10-17 00:32:55
>> #2175998
Serena me tira pedos en mi nariz y en la boca
2016-06-18 21:47:37
>> #1971795
I appreciate the subtlety of their expressions. Serena is like, "aa~ <3 Spank me more!" and Touko is like, "Spank me too please?"

Oh and, hi past me. You sure do like pointing out the obvious.
2015-11-23 11:08:53
>> #1853809
I thought Touko was already too much. Like, damn that's a fat ass! And her tits are huge. How does a man handle that. That's what thought till Serena came along. I can't even begin to explain. How is such a sight even possible. That booty is so big! And she's got some knockers to. You to be Mandingo ass motherfucker for you to even fuck her let alone satisfy such attributes.
2015-07-06 02:12:17
>> #1771716
We all know toukos known for "DAT ASS" and some pretty nice tits as well. Also, I never knew it would of been possible to surpass toukos sexyness and her very attractive attributes (her booty), closest being Mei to even come close. However, a miracle has happened. Serena has come along and proved me very wrong. As fat as toukos ass has been known to be, looks nothing compared to Serena's good got, it's also impressive enough that serena put toukos ass to shame but her titties are balloons compared to toukos. Good lord, Serena's hot damn. That ass! And what a nice pair of titties and gorgeous face to compliment it all. As much as I love touko, Serena's made her look like a joke. Sorry touko Serena's my new favorite. Sorry for the little rant but serena just blew me away and I couldn't help it.
2017-10-17 00:35:51
>> #2175999
Who's artist is it
2015-03-29 01:15:48
>> #1712461
Cuz her father just a demon, not vampire-demon.
2014-11-11 17:05:21
>> #1633424
I don't recall her father having a problem with sun light, maybe she learned a few of his higher level tricks?
2013-11-24 18:36:37
>> #1442423
...where's her nose?
2013-10-21 11:15:37
>> #1420705
2017-10-17 00:30:16
>> #2175996
Critics complaining about any of mantis's work upload here is now a tradition, I remember the same thing happened whenever any artwork made by Temon was uploaded.
2017-10-16 23:27:51
>> #2175984
christ all these critics... i'm just enjoying the fact that a good animator is back for more....

also, inb4 they do one for Lavenza...
2017-10-12 12:22:35
>> #2174695
Yeah realistic cocks would make this stuff so much better
2017-10-11 04:23:41
>> #2174371
I can get past the same faces but I cant get past the stupidly long dicks.
2017-10-10 16:59:02
>> #2174233
I enjoy gs-mantis as much as any other guy, but he/she should start using others presets.

All the lolis look and sound the same. Maybe a different hat or something, but feels pretty cheap.
2017-10-17 00:26:05
>> #2175995
A shitty douchebag just got dunked on.
2017-08-03 20:11:06
>> #2155105
...Dafuq just happened?
2017-08-03 20:10:21
>> #2155104
i'll facebook you the directions to the house, but your getting me a 50 cent frosty for the trouble.
2017-08-03 20:09:32
>> #2155103
fine, whatever, but your not getting top. only queers take it in the ass.
2017-08-03 20:08:29
>> #2155102
are we about to get it on? cuz i'm harder then diamonds in an ice-storm right now.
2017-10-17 00:14:21
>> #2175994
Fuck Nami looked good in this dress.
2017-10-17 00:12:38
>> #2175993
Oh hell yes, we sure are!
2017-10-17 00:11:48
>> #2175992
@ 2175969
Indeed, he is. Imagine my surprise when I found this pic!

@ 2175985
You are not alone, as I too ship Nicole x Samus. He's the luckiest young man in the galaxy!
2017-10-16 23:30:00
>> #2175985
As a Onomeshin fan, I ship NicolexSamus. He’s one lucky beast.
2017-10-16 21:42:56
>> #2175969
That's the dude from Onomeshin's Metroid doujins.
2017-10-17 00:06:20
>> #2175991
I do love beating off to Robin and Nami, but I don't think their characters were ruined or are pointless. I do wish Robin would get a true one on one fight for once though. Anyway Robin's tits look fucking great here, and I love that Oda mande Nami and Robin even bustier after the time skip.
2017-10-15 04:34:40
>> #2175486
but I do not consider it useless, because what a fuck of comments you make you fucking heads, I consider it a wonderful picture but so it is now worth a piece, if you do not like it do not look at it :) and not SCASSATE LA MINCHIA!!!!
2017-10-15 03:45:40
>> #2175478
^Don't forget Nami, & many other OP girls that occasionally pop out of no where with great Big Hooters. <3
2017-10-15 03:43:20
>> #2175476
Did anyone else start One Piece for the story and the fights, but is now completely obssessed with masturbating to its girls? Like, it's supposed to be a teen battle manga, but we're just sat here pumping our dicks to Robin and shooting our cum to her whenever we're free. It's like OP is some kinda hentai nowadays haha
2017-10-15 02:56:24
>> #2175458
Right, Anon. I don't know why did Oda ruin her character after TS alongside with Sanji.

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