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Date: Sep 8, 2023User: BearyumRating: SensitiveScore: 50

anonymouslurker99 commented at 2023-09-28 17:38:27 » #2833686

This isn’t ‘weak and pathetic’, this is ‘you need to see a doctor, there’s something seriously wrong with you’.

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LittleLovableLoli commented at 2023-09-10 10:03:05 » #2829570

If you're *that* weak, you're not just, like, a wimp. You're probably suffering from severe muscle atrophy and you should definitely start doing at least a bit of daily cardio.

Also, lift with your legs, dipshit.

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Date: Sep 26, 2022User: fucktacularRating: SensitiveScore: 96

bloodbathory commented at 2023-09-28 17:25:11 » #2833685

Damm that's fine art.

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vetter5 commented at 2022-09-27 07:17:52 » #2752822

Agree, her ass is awesome, and also her eyes are really cute

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Zarc1992 commented at 2022-09-27 00:57:43 » #2752761

Yuamu is so sexy

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Date: Sep 25, 2023User: ssflRating: SensitiveScore: 21

alexshota45 commented at 2023-09-28 17:10:28 » #2833681

hey foot looks so softtt

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Date: Sep 27, 2023User: danbooruRating: GeneralScore: 10

BillyBois commented at 2023-09-28 16:31:51 » #2833674

Ann has fhe second biggest pair, Haru has the biggest, so it should be either Makoto or Futaba

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Date: Jul 19, 2023User: danbooruRating: QuestionableScore: 44

spiderfan commented at 2023-09-28 16:05:49 » #2833669

This means she can give birth to a litter! Meaning many children for you to raise!

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Monada commented at 2023-09-28 06:07:23 » #2833574

Elon isnt capable to do shit in general lmfao

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DougDimmadome commented at 2023-09-28 05:40:57 » #2833570

Stupid Elon Musk, this is not what we asked for when we said real life Cat Girls.

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Blanketslate commented at 2023-09-28 05:38:34 » #2833569

This isnt bad actually

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Date: Mar 11, 2022User: BlackressRating: SensitiveScore: 19

spiderfan commented at 2023-09-28 16:00:48 » #2833668

Robotnik: into the Robotnikverse

And yes Dr. Robotnik, your voice actor having to listen to Chris Chan? Its a canon event

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uniform-lover commented at 2023-09-28 15:02:42 » #2833651

this is brilliant. Cant believe I missed this but then again I am in a Sonic-craze what with watching both movies along with Mario.

So from left to right;

Original Robotnik (early design BEFORE the concept of Sonic was even made. Robotnik was supposed to be the MC)
Faded out is Eggman from Sonic 06 (probably faded out because they want to forget about that terrible game)
I dont know who the woman is, maybe Robotnik's sister?
Then there's Robotnik from the modern movies played by Jim Carrey AKA Ace Ventura, Lloyd Christmas and The Mask
Then Eggma'am which I've only just disvoered as I saw a picture of her standing with Bowsette due to watching mario movie
The most used design of Eggman which started on Sonic Adventure I believe
Dont know the little one in the middle
Then classic Robotnik from the 90's Sonic games
No idea about the black Robotnik (dont know which games he's from)
Then its Robotnik from the American cartoon alongside the Archie comic
Lastly, Eggman from Sonic Boom game and animated series

Also not a Mario fun but wanted to check the movie but glad I did because I would have never found Eggma'am. I love her, she reminds me of Android 21

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