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00s ^_^ black_hair couple formal grey_hair haruka hug ichinomiya_kantarou japanese_clothes lowres short_hair simple_background suit tactics white_background yaoi
00s ^_^ black_hair blush couple formal grey_hair happy haruka heart hug ichinomiya_kantarou japanese_clothes kiss simple_background suit tactics tie white_background yaoi
00s albino bandage black_eyes brown_hair couple formal grey_hair halloween haruka hat ichinomiya_kantarou nail_polish red_eyes ribbon short_hair stars suit sweets tactics tattoo witch yaoi
00s black_hair blonde_hair blush couple formal haruka hug ichinomiya_kantarou japanese_clothes pants red_eyes sandals short_hair suit tactics yaoi
 3d haruka oblivion_island:_haruka_and_the_magic_mirror panties screencap underwear upskirt white_panties