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avatarInvaderJim42 >> #1764
Posted on 2007-11-01 01:16:30 (Report as spam)
So, what do you fellows think? Pretty hot, eh? =D

avatarBrittler >> #1768
Posted on 2007-11-01 01:59:27 (Report as spam)
When i saw the thumbnail and think that orange thing on her head was her eyes,i thought she would look horrible. But when i look it in full view...Wow! Agree with you Jim,That's hot!

avatarXima >> #1774
Posted on 2007-11-01 10:25:25 (Report as spam)
YES. We need more tentacles. This makes me so utterly happy. You never see this type of thing too often. Very entertaining. I luv it.

avatarInvaderJim42 >> #1776
Posted on 2007-11-01 10:49:25 (Report as spam)
Aye, tentacles pleasing men are a rare find... I'm still scouring monster-girl for the best pictures to upload, and some of my favorites are the squid and octopus girls!

avatarXima >> #1781
Posted on 2007-11-01 14:56:54 (Report as spam)
LulWHAT? There is some sort of forum for monster girls and I've never heard of it? Zomfg? Indeed. Squid and octopus girls are adowable. No entirely sure what my favorite kind of monster girl is, myself.

avatarAnonymous >> #88560
Posted on 2009-08-04 23:54:48 (Report as spam)

avatarAnonymous >> #92793
Posted on 2009-08-12 01:01:49 (Report as spam)
ROFL NICE tentaclejob FTW xD

avatarAnonymous >> #122644
Posted on 2009-10-02 05:42:29 (Report as spam)
Cute, Hot, and Original. This is made of win.

avatarAnonymous >> #151575
Posted on 2009-11-12 04:48:32 (Report as spam)
Best way to drown.

avatarAnonymous >> #191404
Posted on 2010-01-02 10:59:21 (Report as spam)
I'd ink it

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