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6+girls airplane akitsu-maru amphibious_assault_ship anger_vein black_eyes black_hair blood blue_hair blush boat braid brown_hair bulge_tsuki cat chibi daihatsu_(landing_craft) depth_charge flight_deck green_hair gun gyrocopter hachimaki hat headband helmet imperial_japanese_army kayaba_ka-1 kokusai_ki-76 landing_craft maru-re mecha_musume military military_uniform military_vehicle minigirl multiple_girls necktie nosebleed o_o open_mouth original panties panty_pull personification pigeon-toed pink_hair propeller pussy_juice ribbon shin'you ship soldier star sweat tail tank tears thighhighs twin_braids type_97_chi-ha underwear underwear_pull uniform vehicle weapon world_war_ii


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