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avatarAnonymous >> #868308
Posted on 2011-09-04 14:42:52 (Report as spam)
I'd love for another Pico episode to come out~

avatarAnonymous >> #868540
Posted on 2011-09-04 19:05:30 (Report as spam)
Me too dude, theseboys are fucking great...

avatarAnonymous >> #868700
Posted on 2011-09-04 23:21:16 (Report as spam)
yea the three of them are so cute and beautiful with sexy round rumps its a yaoi fans dream

avatarUkish_Ayate >> #869399
Posted on 2011-09-05 16:50:59 (Report as spam)
this scene reminds me of last friday xD

avatarhyliaman >> #870908
Posted on 2011-09-07 07:08:38 (Report as spam)
Pico was cuter when he cut his hair... Chico though, he's fine the way he is~ I miss Mokkun... He should get a movie with someone his own age... maybe Pico could visit them and they could share him~

avatarXom >> #873084
Posted on 2011-09-09 15:43:47 (Report as spam)
Doho, I wish you guys could see what product this was the box art for.

avatarloliking >> #881569
Posted on 2011-09-20 00:12:24 (Report as spam)
Boku no Pico is hot and all but damn what I wouldn't give for a lolicon equivalent. To my knowledge there's never been a high quality lolicon hentai and we're way over do for one.

avatarAnonymous >> #1076483
Posted on 2012-05-23 09:01:39 (Report as spam)
Never watch an Anime named BOKU


avatarloliking >> #1176315
Posted on 2012-10-07 10:19:57 (Report as spam)
Its now 2012 and I stand corrected. Laddies and gentlemen say hello to Suki de Suki de, Suki de The Animation. This is the best Lolicon hentai I've ever seen. Not only is it Lolicon its Lolicon AND incest. There are 2 episodes.

episode 1:

episode 2:

happy fapping^^

avatarDearS_Lover91 >> #1277242
Posted on 2013-03-05 00:51:39 (Report as spam)
@Xom: Idk, the dvd? It's not the ona-holes, that's for sure.