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avatarAnonymous >> #991738
Posted on 2012-01-31 22:54:03 (Report as spam)
Cartman in a mecha. Yeah as if Cthulhu wasn't bad enough

avatarAnonymous >> #1073621
Posted on 2012-05-19 08:34:39 (Report as spam)
i bet mysretion saves kyle I rip the machine out of the robot Me:-yelling- CHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEN! Stan: what the fuck was that? -_- Cartman: I hate when this happens to Erica when someone pisses her off. Wendy: what just happed? Stan: that's like when Erica's angry. Kyle:LET GO sounds like Cartman pissed off Erica. Me:-attcks cartman- Carman:NOOOOOOOOO! (erica is my name)