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blush brown_hair chikahii futa_with_futa futa_with_male futanari multiple_girls open_mouth penis small_penis_humiliation smile translated


avatarAnonymous >> #1027963
Posted on 2012-03-19 12:54:34 (Report as spam)
My response would be to grab a supressed Glock and kindly say "DON'T EVER BE ALONE"

avatarAnonymous >> #1030756
Posted on 2012-03-23 01:49:51 (Report as spam)
Mine would be "you don't have tits. So shut the fuck up and suck my dick"

avatarAnonymous >> #1037347
Posted on 2012-03-31 10:09:42 (Report as spam)
"You say you're girls, yet you have penises? Don't you know that women don't have a penis? Are you even human? Ahaha, how disgusting! The sub-human scum thinks it's on par with an actual human? How pretentious! Since you aren't man or woman, you can't be human, right? And since you're not human, human rights don't apply to you, right? So that means, I could rape the three of you and not get punished for it, riiiiiiiight!? Huh? My penis is too small to rape you? Then you should suck it until it grows bigger. An eternity, you say? Then get started, bitch!"

avatarAnonymous >> #1166020
Posted on 2012-09-21 21:33:20 (Report as spam)
you guys are beating the purpose of the humiliation fetish... and yes there are people who enjoy this smh

avatarHexZyle >> #1373303
Posted on 2013-08-04 10:33:34 (Report as spam)
Yeah, I'm freaking melting here, i wish this was hard translated