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Anonymous >> #1057948
Posted on 2012-04-26 00:01:58 (Report as spam)
*fap fap* Aaahh... *fap fap* oooooohhh... *fap fap* AaahhOOOOOHhh!! Oh! OH! OOOHH! *fap fap* Aaah...

DozenDozen >> #1059009
Posted on 2012-04-28 03:07:11 (Report as spam)
This was drawn by Sigurd Hosenfeld. He's a Western artist. These shouldn't be here.

Anonymous >> #1059125
Posted on 2012-04-28 08:06:33 (Report as spam)
You may be right about the rules, but damn if I don't hate you for pointing it out.

ThatOtherGuy >> #1059135
Posted on 2012-04-28 08:45:40 (Report as spam)
Western art is allowed if it's good enough now.

Anonymous >> #1059751
Posted on 2012-04-29 03:10:41 (Report as spam)
...and meets certain criteria right?

Anonymous >> #1137771
Posted on 2012-08-12 21:11:41 (Report as spam)

I_Have_Cookies >> #1192922
Posted on 2012-10-30 20:40:00 (Report as spam)
I could hardly recognize Samus without her hair in a ponytail.