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Anonymous commented at 2012-10-11 19:15:22 » #1179325

One of the very few people in anime who does NOT need Spiral Power to be more awesome.

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Anonymous commented at 2013-04-06 04:04:21 » #1297346

The reason why I like Nanoha (Mature) so much, is that she is so far from being perfect, that everything she gives a lot of hard work and effort really pays off. Unlike Fate, Nanoha worked incredibly hard for everything, she didn't have the kind of education Fate had in magic, she had to things by the ear.

That made her so awesome, that everyone else pales in comparison.

Even Hayate, who also didn't have much training, was given the knowledge by the book of darkness. nanoha was only given a few instructions and she had to do everything pretty much on her own.

That's the kind of awesome I love !

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