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10s absurdly_long_hair animated animated_gif ass black_hair bouncing_breasts breasts high_school_dxd himejima_akeno japanese_clothes large_breasts lingerie long_hair miko nipples panties transformation underwear very_long_hair

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avatarAnonymous >> #1243702
Posted on 2013-01-11 17:50:30 (Report as spam) Score: 14 (Vote Up)
One of my favorite magical girl transformation sequences...well not so much girl as embodiment of all things beautiful.

avatarAnonymous >> #1244791
Posted on 2013-01-13 04:54:28 (Report as spam) Score: 2 (Vote Up)
hideyoshi has to be my favorite from baka to test

avatarAnonymous >> #1252384
Posted on 2013-01-24 20:21:07 (Report as spam) Score: 9 (Vote Up)
That close-up of her eyes almost made my heart stop