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1girl blue_eyes cutting_hair gedou_(ge_ge_gedou) hair_ornament holding holding_hair neon_genesis_evangelion orange_hair partially_colored scissors solo soryu_asuka_langley topless

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avatarAnonymous >> #1448074
Posted on 2013-12-05 01:20:21 (Report as spam) Score: 4 (Vote Up)
Why would you do that?!

avatarAnonymous >> #1645740
Posted on 2014-12-03 06:52:04 (Report as spam) Score: 1 (Vote Up)
Short hair is best hair.

avatarBR4NagiLover >> #1860641
Posted on 2015-12-06 05:53:56 (Report as spam) Score: 0 (Vote Up)
Maybe she's thinking Shinji likes Rei so she'll cut her hair like Rei :/ Just a phase